Flash- James Loney Signs With Tampa Bay Rays

According to Ken Rosenthal via Twitter, 1B James Loney has signed a 3 year $21M contract.

(This thins the market more for 1B and leaves the Brewers further out in the cold.Sandy's patience and the rapidly declining supply may get him what he's asking for. It's been suggested that the team is looking to acquire a young controllable SP in order to flip him or one of their current young pitchers in order to acquire a significant upgrade at SS.)


Anonymous said...

I dont understand the post that the mets sell low on davis now!? Brewers and pirates are rivals...why should they sell low??

Christopher soto said...

I don't understand its either anonymous Sandy Alderson is not in the business of selling low on a player

Anonymous said...

Today its so quiet that I have the feeling something is brewing!