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Sandy Alderson still has some very big decisions to make as the off season begins to wind down. Let's give him some help. Feel free to comment on one or all.

1. Should we continue to shop Daniel Murphy or pull him off the trade market and keep him?

2. If Murphy is traded, how do we handle second base?

3. Should we pursue a trade for Ike Davis, or should we more actively shop Duda, even though he may bring a lesser return? Should we trade both and go off in a completely different direction?

4. Should we sign Stephen Drew, even if it means a third year, or trade for a shortstop, or just let Tejada have another shot?

5. If we are to trade for a SS, should it be a young prospect type (e.g. Owings, Gregorius, Franklin, Miller) or a veteran? (e.g. Aybar, Escobar, Cabrera, Andrus)

6. Curtis Granderson and Chris Young will get regular playing time in the outfield. Who is the 3rd starting outfielder, Lagares in CF or E. Young in LF?

7. Do we need to sign another starting pitcher, and if so, who should we try for?

8. Is the bull pen OK with who we already have, or do we sign a veteran arm? If so, who? And how do you see the opening day bull pen made up?  
9. The Rakuten Golden Eagles have decided to post Masahiro Tanaka. The maximum bid is only $20 million, which is returnable if the team doesn't sign him. But rumor has it that Tanaka will command a deal in the $100+ million area, and we all know what Sandy said about $100 million contracts this year. With that as a given, should the Mets bid for Masahiro Tanaka?


Reese Kaplan said...

1. If you can get a good return, no one is irreplaceable (particularly with Flores and Young IN THAT ORDER) available to play 2B

2. Flores. The guy can hit. Young can't.

3. My ideal is both Flores and Murphy on that side of the infield, but if you have to keep one of the two (and I can't believe I'm saying it), keep Davis and trade Duda

4. No. Let Tejada play IF the only alternative is an expensive Stephen Drew

5. Young prospect type and then have the front office ORDER Collins to play the man

6. Lagares. Young is a bench player. Lagares could be much more.

7. I'd take another flyer on Dice-K. His last 4 starts or so he looked like he rediscovered his mojo.

8. They passed on the good choices such as Joe Smith. Right now I think you might want to see what some former closers would cost in case Black is not ready to close. How expensive could someone like Kevin Gregg be?

9. We have pitching coming out the wazoo next year so he would be superfluous. We need to spend on hitting.

jd said...

My bad 8 should be 9 on my last. As for 8. I like the pen as currently constituted. Get some arms ready in AAA for when TC mismanages early on and blows out arms
1. Yes, keep him out there. Pulling him off the market serves no practical purpose. Let them call. If a good deal surfaces ship him off...
2. Open competition between EY and Wilmer.
3. Shop them both. In the end we have a lot of average to below average right side infielders. Easily replaceable.
4. Third year doesn't bother me. If they can get him at a reasonable annual salary, do it.
5. I prefer youth. Especially at a position where speed and agility plays in so well. Question is, can you make a trade here that doesn't cost you a big arm and still improves you? Move a 1b and Murph for an arm that can then net you a Profar or Gregorius and you are golden. Btw - what happened to the Cuban that was holding his workout three weeks ago? Any word?
6. Lagaras. No argument here for me. Superior defense and offensive upside. I think he will hit. Give him the shot, let him adjust.
7. Need? No. I am always in favor of excess at SP. In my dreams? Tanaka and then trade one of the others for a big SS. Arroyo for 2. Or reclamation type as a last ditch.
8. I am fine with the pen as currently constructed. Load up on replacements though because TC loves to over manage and over use the pen. Will need replacements for the blown arms.
9. Absolutely!!! The fact is it is a high risk move that will at least pay off in ticket sales and ad sales for SNY. Pays well up front which the Mets need. If he turns out to be good or great! It will be a (ehem) bargain for all the intl money it brings in and frees up pitching for trades for big fish.

steve said...

I think Sandy has played the market great this off-season. Drew is falling to him,for a 2 year deal? I say sign Drew,only for 2 though! Murphy,is available but Sandy isn't giving him up for nothing! So unless he gets what he wants,Murphy will be the starting 2bagger.Im ok with that. Flores should start in Vegas and learn 1st? Let Davis and Duda fight it out. But Sandy will trade either if he gets a good return,or both? The pen is fine,but will be added to. I think Sandy will be bringing in 2 vets,on minor league deals to fight for a spot

That Adam Smith said...

I'm getting more and more afraid of selling too low on Ike. I'd hate to think they'll move him just to move him. His value can't possibly get any lower, can it? I can't recall whether he's got an option left, but if he does, I'd be fine with starting him in Vegas to see if he can get it going there and whet some appetites. I also wouldn't object to him as our opening day 1B in a platoon.

Herb G said...

Reese and JD - good comments. I may not agree with all of your thoughts, but they are all logical options. I see the Lagares vs. Young thing differently than you both. I have a feeling we'll see Murphy back at 2B come opening day, with EYJ as your LF and leading off, while Lagares starts back in Vegas to get regular ABs and hone his hitting.

Adam - I wouldn't worry about Sandy selling low on Ike or anyone else. Right now he is asking for the moom from all three teams, Milwaukee, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. I'd be quite happy if he has to keep Ike and he winds up as the starter in April, although I think it is unlikely. He'll eventually get a good return and move Ike, and the platoon of Duda/Satin will actually give us good production in 2014.

Steve - You're absolutely right. I think Drew will fall to us on a surprisingly inexpensive 2 year deal in mid January. We may have to go 3 years at an even lower AAV, which would be fine with me. I do think that a trade for Brad Miller or Nick Franklin would be equally good for us, but I dfon't think Sandy will give up the chips necessary to get one of them.

I do like the idea of going back to Dice-K and/or Harang on low cost deals rather than signing a more expensive starting pitcher option. That would give Sandy the financial flexibility to sign a couple of relievers and a bench bat or two, depending upon who is still available as the off season winds down in late January and free agents get very nervous.

Mack Ade said...


The reason Davis hasn't been traded yet is because Sandy Alderson is selling him HIGH, not low.

Chris said...

The Mets have done nothing but stay in place at best. Grander son replaces Byrd, Colon maybe replaces Harvey. The pen lost Hawkins so they need another producer or two there.

People say the Mets are spending yet payroll is down. That's just weird. Delusional. The Mets are a 75-77 win team as currently constituted. EY is a role player, Young hit 200. Wow hoe exciting. Come on....be serious.

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