Options - Ike Davis for Tyler Thornburg


The New York Mets and Milwaukee Brewers can’t seem to agree on a trade involving 1B Ike Davis and RHP Tyler Thornburg.

It’s obvious that Milwaukee has interest in Davis, but they are not willing to give up their number one prospect in the system.

So… who else on this team is out there that might interest the Mets in a trade for Davis:

SS-3B Jeff Bianchi – His name, or his stats (305-AB, .237) don’t jump off the page, but he is a major league infielder who could give Ruben Tejada come camp competition come spring training. Jean Segura (.294) is the Brewers’ starting shortstop and you’re not going to get him. Other shortstops in the system are too far down the line.

RHP Jimmy Nelson – Okay, you’re not going to trade Thornburg, but the fact is you still have eight starters fighting it out for a rotation slot in 2014 with two more guys waiting to come up. The Brewers have too much quality pitching and if I was Sandy, I would move on to Nelson (2013 – AA/AAA: 27-starts, 10-10, 3.25, 1.33, 152.1-IP, 163-K, 65-BB).

1B Hunter Morris – There must be a good story here. Why isn’t Morris being considered to be the Brewers’ 2014 first baseman? He’s 25 years old, hit 24 home runs and drove in 73 runs in AAA last season, and is a left handed hitting first baseman. Obviously, he must qualify as the Allan Dykstra of the Brewers organization (slow runner, low BA).

OF Tyrone Taylor – Okay, let’s forget about any help in 2014 and just go out and get ourselves a good outfield prospect. Taylor will play 2014 as a 20-year old and put up a decent stat line last year at the A-level: 485-AB, .274/.338/.400/.738, 8-HR, 57-RBI). Stick him in the St. Lucie outfield next to Brandon Nimmo and strengthen the future.


David L. Whitman said...

Mack-I think Sandy wants Thornburg because if he's acquired the Mets will trade one of their starters in a package for a SS. Unless Alderson is trying to stockpile starters or sees Thornburg as a future closer, both of which are possible, that's the only other reason that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

@D Whit

You hit the nail right on the head.

David L. Whitman said...

@Chris-I'm thinking that Alderson has a second trade already lined up if the Mets get Thornburg.

Mack Ade said...

Guys, I just try and come up with entertaining content that can generate a discussion...

Kevin said...

Just read up on Tyrone Taylor. Seems like a very interesting prospect. Currently ranked #4 by MLB.

I think either Taylor or Thornburg would be pretty nice pickups when you look at Ike's body of work over the last 2 seasons. I like Ike and I want him to reach his potential but I think that bridge is burned in NY. The best thing for the player and team is a change of scenery.

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