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I think that its important that the Mets start the year with Travis D'Arnaud as the #2 hitter in the lineup...So much of the Mets (and D'Arnaud's) success is attached to the young catcher getting off to a hot start...In the 8 spot, with no protection, he just won't see good pitches to hit. I don't for a second think that a guy like Terry Collins has it in him to make a decision like that. But whats the point of accquiring young players if they don't put them in a position to excel?

When the Mets drafted Gavin Cecchini, and I read a scouting report that said .260 hitter with 10 HR potential, and average defense...I was definately scratching my head. But now that teams are considering paying 15 million a year for a player in Stephen Drew, who has almost the same career statline...i'm thinking maybe that was kind of a shrewd decision. Not the first time the Alderson group has changed my mind about what I thought was a dumb decision.

Even KLaw thought the Mets pickup of Bartolo Colon was a good call...When Kieth Law says something positive about any decision the New York Mets make--You should pay attention.

When Robinson Cano signed with the Mariners, the first thing that occurred to me was that Daniel Murphy is a perfect fit for them. He could cover First or Third in a pinch, and the RF line at Yankee Stadium is a joke...Even Murph could hit 25 Homers in that joint. So, I visited a couple Yankees blogs to see if I could find some chatter from Yankee fans. Surprisingly, there was almost no mention of Murphy as a possibility. When one commenter brought up the idea, the response he got was "nah, i'd rather play Kelly Johnson at second". Kelly Johnson! Really! Is it possible that we as Mets fans have overblown Murhpy's value? Or are Yankees fans just idiots? I think we all know the answer....

The best thing that came away from the Curtis Granderson signing for me, is that I won't have to listen to John Sterling croon "The Grandy Man Can!" every time he hits a homer. I really hope the new Mets radio affiliation means I can get some access to Mets radio in upstate NY... I hope the Mets are having some discussions with the Nationals on SS Danny Espinoza...His #'s may not be great, but all the skills are there to hit 20 home runs and steal some bases. Would you rather have Drew at 14-15 million, or Espinoza and Tejada at about 3 million combined?


Reese Kaplan said...

I had posted an article about shortstop possibilities a few weeks ago and ID'd Espinoza as a target. He is their version of Valdespin and wasn't even promoted at year end. It shouldn't cost much.

Ernest Dove said...

With all the high expectations placed on d'Arnoud, hitting him second might be a great idea (although it also means Murph is gone).. anyone hitting in front of a healthy Wright will get plenty of pitches to hit.
Although, maybe they figure, hitting him 7th, behind Mr. Walk Lucas Duda, might create some rbi opportunities.

Anonymous said...


Nationals have no reason to assist the Mets in their quest to finish rebuilding.

Mack Ade said...

I also do not see the Nats trading anyone to the Mets

robb said...

agree on murphy to the yankees. He's a perfect fit for them. costs only 5mm can play 2nd or 3rd. i just couldnt figure out what they would send back in terms of an asset that i want. its not going to be the catcher. and it wont be someone from the 2013 draft. and i dont really believe in the OF prospects. too bad bc he'd be really good for them and doesnt seem to have a future with the mets and i like the guy so id like him to land in a good situation.

Craig Brown said...

@ Ernest

I don't neccesarily think hitting D'Arnaud second means Murph is gone..

How about

CF Young
C D'Arnaud
2b Murph
3b Wright
lf Granderson
rf Young
1b Duda
ss tejada

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