Mack’s Morning Report – 12-14 – Dilson Herrera, LAD PTBNL, Columbia Sand Gnats, Tom Seaver


Dilson Herrera -

In what's becoming a strength of his, Sandy netted yet another top prospect by way of trade when he sent Marlon Byrd and John Buck to Pittsburgh for Dilson Herrera -- and Vic Black -- just before the trade deadline. The 19-year-old Herrera appeared in only seven regular season games for the Sand Gnats, though he'll likely figure into organizational top ten prospect lists thanks to a strong bat paired with a true middle infield profile -- something the system has sorely lacked of late. Herrera stamped his blue chip status in 2013 on the strength of a very quick bat, a good glove at second, above average footspeed, and most of all excellent pop from the right side despite his size (5'10", 150 lbs). The problem is that the diminutive infielder also features a healthy amount of swing-and-miss in exchange for that power, which will likely cut into the average as he climbs. It's still early on the development curve, but if Dilson can continue to move in the right direction, the long-term picture could resemble something like pre-2013 Danny Espinosa. As an aside, Herrera will also attempt to become the first Colombian in Mets history. http://www.amazinavenue.com/2013/12/12/5143078/minor-league-season-in-review-savannah-sand-gnats

Mack – I see Herrera going back to Savannah on opening day. At eh same time, I see college boy LJ Mazzilli jumping over A-ball and going straight to St. Lucie. Mazzilli had a good year in low-A (Brooklyn: .278), but the most important thing is he will play 2014 as a 23-year old. Herrera will play 2014 as a 20-year old.

On paper, Herrera is the top 2B prospect but that’s no reason to rush him. ETA: 2017


There are conflicting reports out their whether the Mets got cash or a player to be named later from the Dodgers for the Rule 5 selection of RHP Seth Rosin.

For the sake of this post, let’s say it’s for a PTBNL. We can assume this is not going to yield a Joc Peterson; however, there are some secondary prospects you need to learn more about, just in case Sandy pulls off another of his trading gems. A few names to remember:

SS Corey Seager - SS Hanley Ramirez has one more year left on his contact ($16mil/2014) though there is already chatter that the Dodgers will resign him If not, Alexander Guerrero is already signed through the 2017 season. There really is no room on the Dodgers for Seager and he’d be a wonderful addition for the Mets. Rated the #8 SS prospect in baseball, though he is projected to move to 3B. Will play A+/AA in 2014 as an 20-year old.

LHSP Julio Urias – was signed out of Mexico and made his professional debut at A-ball at 16-years old: 18-starts, 2-0, 2.48, 1.10, 54.1-IP, 11.10/K-9

RP Onelki Garcia – a classic reliever… 6-3, lefty who split time in AA and AAA in 2013… combined stat line: 35-G, 6-starts, 2-4, 2.90, 62.0-IP, 67-K, 35-BB. His fastball is in the 90-95 range.


Here is the link to the newspaper article about the possibility of the Sand Gnats either getting the town of Savannah to build them a new stadium or take the team and move it to Columbia:

I know the ownership group and they are good people. I also know the town of Savannah where I have conducted my business in beginning in 1984.


1.     There is no worse stadium in all of minor league baseball that Grayson Stadium. And, it even worse three and four years ago when the city paid for the removal of the old stands out in right field. Ghosts live in that place.


2.     The city population have never supported this team anywhere close to the projected ‘half a million’ people the current owners estimate a new stadium would attract people to. Most games have less than 3,000 people and the only way you get more is to feature fireworks and giveaway free booze.


3.     The City of Savannah would never get this project done before the contract with the New York Mets expired. It took 20+ years for them to put a hotel across the river, facing the historic district. They still haven’t built a single condo there. I tried to get this city to allow me to build a better tower for my AM radio station there, WBMQ-AM. At the same time, I was the emergency response radio station in case of a hurricane and I, and my staff, would broadcast 24/7 emergency information from a secret bunker built in the Civil War. The catch was, my signal sucked and I needed to file with the FCC for a permit to allow me to kick up the power at night while, at the same time, make the improvements to the tower so the signal would be directional to the majority of people that lived on the south side of town.  It was easier to get them to vote on rebuilding the Suez Canal and it never happened.


My guess… there will be no new stadium… and the current owners will move the team to Columbia where, hopefully, they remain a Mets affiliate.


Pat Jordan -

Tom and I have known one another for 40 years, over many stories I have written about him. He's 69 years old now; I'm 73. We used to see each other once in a while in our 30s at the Greenwich (Conn.) YMCA, bump into each other in our 40s and 50s at Mets or Yankees games, call each other now and then. I asked him once to send my grandson his autograph, and he sent him a laminated photograph of himself as a Met. Tom had scrawled at the bottom, From Tom Seaver, your Grandfather's friend, to Adam, and then something about my having been a terrific pitcher too, something he had never admitted to my face. I figured it was embarrassing for him to admit to me that Pat Jordan, a minor-league washout after three years, had had a better fastball than Tom Seaver, a five-time 20-game winner in the majors. Whenever I reminded him of my superior fastball, he'd get apoplectic and scream out, "In your fucking dreams, Jordan!" I forgave him, chalking it up to envy. http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/64585192/

            Mack – this is a great story about two friends. Please read it.


greg b said...

I cant see the mets getting anything of signifigence from the dodgers.

Reese Kaplan said...

While Joc Pederson is way too much to hope for, how about sweetening the pot a bit and taking Dee Gordon off their hands? :)

Herb G said...

Guys, don't get carried away. The Anthony DiComo article on the Rule 5 selection, which is published on both the Mets and the Dodgers web sites, states that the Mets got cash in exchange. That said, there's no way shipping a Rule 5 selection off to another club as a favor, would ever bring back a quality, top 20 prospect, in return. If there was a PTBNL involved, it would be a low level prospect, someone like Jharel Cotton or Jon Garcia.

steve said...

Afternoon fellas. Lets just wait this out. Trust Sandy. He will wait out Milwaukee or Pittsburgh or the Dodgers. Lets have some patience. Im starting to believe in what he's doing. So lets all try and trust him?

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