Bill Metsiac - What About The Pen?


As of now, it's looking very crowded. With Black due soon and Parnell a few weeks away, we've got the following:

C. Torres
A. Torres
As far as I know, only Familia and Montero can be optioned, and neither of those will be. Carlyle is here on a MnL deal, but he can opt out if not on the 25.
So who goes?
If Gee isn't traded, he or Montero can fill C. Torres' long man role, so he's a possible cut.
Carlyle was fine for us last year, but he's on shaky ground. I'd like to see him accept the Vegas job, but it's doubtful.
Gilmartin has impressed after a shaky start, and if we don't keep him on the 25 he must be offered back to his former team. I think (not sure) we can work out a deal to trade someone else to them, keep him, and send him to Vegas.
What to do? What to do?


Thomas Brennan said...

@ Bill Metsiac: Crowded pen indeed. Thornton, Leathersich, and Alvarez, all slated for AAA, also pitched well in most of their official minor league games, so it is one heckuva jam.

You could just about split the organization's pitching squad (starters and relievers) into 2 squads and both would be reasonably good major league staffs. The injuries to Wheeler and Edgin and trade of Mazzoni thinned the herd, but has still left a logjam.

Anonymous said...

Well, I love Parnell, but it's no sure thing he'll be effective this season. Mejia & Familia both have injury histories. Black has never thrown a full ML season, and his arm is barking.

I like Torres A & C. Blevins is a quality LOOGY, regardless of how we might feel about that designation.

Gilmartin, shrug. Maybe, I don't know.

Love Montero back there for now. I hope he excells; this pen needs it.

My guess is that Carlyle goes, because they want to give a longer look at Gilmartin (who I assumed was a goner the day of the trades). Parnell & Black work their way back and . . . by then we'll see.

I'd hold tight for now.

James Preller

Bill Metsiac said...

"Hold tight for now" expires in 2 days, when rosters are set.Someone must go by then, and 2 more within a few weeks, barring a setback for Black/Parnell.

By then, some may pitch themselves off the roster or be injured. But assuming health for everyone until then, which 3 would you vote off the island?

Anonymous said...

As I wrote, I guess Carlyle goes -- or hopefully the Mets work out a minor league deal with him.

As I commented elsewhere, Gilmartin surprises me; by trading away MDD for a LOOGY, I initially read that as dissatisfaction with Gilmartin. Keeping him suggests that -- what? -- they want 2 LOOGYs?

The dates on Black and Parnell are flexible, and I'd still like to be convinced that Familia is perfectly healthy. Bullpens are so fluid. Don't decide until you have to make a decision.

James Preller

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