DL - 3B - David Wright


David Wright placed on DL. Eric Campbell activated.

Hopefully, Wright will be back sometime in early May and he can return to the great season he already was having.

We're going to have to wait and see what Campbell's role will be. Adam Rubin said earlier today that the Mets were committed to keeping Wilmer Flores at SS, so my guess is Daniel Murphy will move back to his natural position (third) and Ruben Tejada will start at second.

We'll see.


Reese Kaplan said...

People get on me for slamming Collins but history is repeating itself. They bring a guy up from AAA who was scorching the ball, they're starved for offense, but do they put him in the lineup? No...they bury him on the bench to let his bat grow cold. They did it last year with Andrew Brown and Wilmer Flores...here we go again (if Rubin is right).

On the other hand, if they feel Campbell is defensively insufficient to play the IF, then why not promote Muno (whose service time they probably don't care about) or Herrera who is also already on the 40 man roster and who won't burn an option since it was within 20 days of the demotion? You could insert either of those natural second basemen at 2B and shift Murphy to his natural position of 3B. Instead, you have Campbell collecting splinters.

James Preller said...

The problem is that you keep acting like these roster decisions are TC's, when it's so obvious that he's not the boss.

The complaints might be valid, but in my view they are wildly misdirected. You keep aiming at the wrong target.

Personally, I'd stop having a short-handed bench, send Goeddel down, and bring up Reynolds in the process. Murphy to 3rd, yes. Campbell can fill in here and there. He's not a regular and will be exposed in the process.

Thomas Brennan said...

I agree with both of you. I'd try Campbell out of the gate, if it were my call, because he's scorching hot. Might catch fire in a bottle (is that the phrase?) and if so, roll with it.

If he goes 1 for 8, sit him.

And I cut the pen to 7 guys. By my count, they've been really squeezed twice already by the short bench, one of which was last nite, which they fortunately won.

Mack Ade said...

Campbell is in today's lineup

Steve from Norfolk said...

They should have brought up another player and sent Goeddel down, too. I thought last night would have taught whoever is making the decisions that you're going to get burned by a 4 man bench. All it would have taken was one ball down the third baswe line and last night's game could have gone in the loss column instead of chalking it up in the win column. I hope it doesn't take an injury caused by someone playing out of position to get the point across. I had nightmares last night about DeGrom going in at short so Flores and Murphy could cover 2B and 3B respectfully.

Charles said...

The mets don't want to simply make the playoffs, they want to reinvent the wheel too. Let the world know that you can win by putting back up catchers at third and using wacky ass lineups at the same time.

The short bench, batting the pitcher 8th, and Murphy not batting second are all head scratchers to me

Richard Jones said...

I think pride is a big part of it. Yesterday proved that the 4 man bench is big mistake. Both Alderson and Collins know it but they don't want to admit it.
I think the reason in the beginning was to keep Gilmartin. Once Mejia was suspended that opened up a spot. Time to go to a 5 man bench to anyone with an once of common sense.

Anonymous said...

One thing I've learned watching Sandy Alderson as GM these past 4-plus years: He eventually gets around to doing the right thing. I'm often unhappy with his timetable -- the bullpen last season is an example, finally dumping Ike Davis would be another, ditching Chris Young, etc. -- but he almost always gets things right.

In the meantime, by acting slowly, he unnecessarily loses games and slows progress, but, again, he does usually end up in the right place.

I'm saying: I think they'll go down to the 7-man pen at some point, eventually.

James Preller

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