Ernest Dove - Grandyman Can (Lead Off) for the Mets in 2015


  Well, obviously it would make a lot more sense (and generate more hits/page views) to talk Harvey Harvey Harvey, but i figure let the other great writers on this blog take care of that. I wanted to instead already get into the positive and possibly long term successful placement of Curtis Granderson into the leadoff spot for the New York Mets.

  Ever since Grandy signed with the Mets, its been about making him into what maybe he just not is, a middle of the order guy.  You can't argue its lack of power, because he has it. You can't argue lack of confidence or experience, because he has that.  But, one way or another, he did not seemed destined for that role, no matter his paycheck or history (with Yankee Porch).  So the Mets brass (who we all enjoy bashing, especially on social media) started experimenting with Grandy at leadoff last year, mainly due to not having much other options.

  But, as we all know, Grandy had already gone through a horrendous March and April, and even when started to hit a little, it never really seemed to  matter, or be relevant, based on the win loss record.  Yet, here we are in 2015, and despite all the talk about Lagares and his speed (and great spring numbers) leading off, the Mets went with Grandyman at the top.  And the results have been Amazin.

  Look, he hasn't been Ricky Henderson up there hitting leadoff homers, but the Mets, specifically according to their philosophy, never worried about that.  This team needs runs.  This team needs timely hitting, and power.  But you know what, this team also more importantly needs BASE RUNNERS.  (I can still hear the Mets haters arguing about Duda seeming to hit too many solo homers, like it was his fault).

  After a hot spring, Grandy has come right out of the gate........walking.......wait what?  That's right, Grandy and his apparent eagle eye has been walking, like alot.  Like seemingly every other at bat.  So there you have it.  A leadoff man who gets on base.  Sure, he hasn't stolen a base yet, but there's other ways to score runs, like with timely hitting from the captain (slow start but nice timely hit with bases juiced yesterday) and the ever remaining fear that teams should have about Duda (doesnt look bad batting third).

  However, there are other factors to consider.  As my buddy has pointed out, Lagares doesnt seem to be that Amazin or comfortable hitting 6th this week.  And Murphy, following injury, and minus a bloop oops hit that scored a run, hasnt exactly been inpiring in his spot in the order, but should that cause the Mets to move them around in the lineup to help them, even at the expense of moving Grandy off the top spot?  Well, that's for the experts to decide (or for us to argue about).

  For now, it's still April. Stats still barely matter in the grand scheme season of things, but since the team is sticking their neck out with their possibly uncoventional lineup for more then a game or two, why not let it ride?

  This team is doing what we though (hoped) they would....which is PITCH. The offense is already showing to be better.  They've had some timely hitting, following errors and the like.  They've also seemingly done something else we're not used to as of Thursday, score in bunches, and score for the Dark Night himself (what, you thought I wouldn't mention him).

  This is a new team ladies and gentlemen. This is not your.......well its not your 2014 Mets.  Its a new day. I look forward more and more series wins, at home or on the road.  And i have no problem seeing Grandyman leading it off.


Thomas Brennan said...

I have not seen all Grandy at bats, but seeing what I did in spring and so far this year, I think he can be great in lead off spot - AND hit 25 homers - maybe more with shortened fences. I'm for him leading off. I'd put Lagares 2nd, Murphy 6th.

Unlike last year, this team is gonna HIT. I expect better out of virtually every position. Like I mentioned earlier today, I read Mets had 14 hard-hit outs in their lone loss this week against 3 high end pitchers.

Get used to a lot of hitting.

Anonymous said...

If they insisted on batting the pitcher 8th, I think Granderson would make an ideal #9 hitter.

That's not snark.

I think he's the hitter on the team most likely to have a BA under .220. And entire months that are under .200. It would take a ship ton of walks to make up for that.

I like Lagares.

At the same time, this stuff is fluid, so, shrug, whatever. Granderson is not the first guy I'd send up against a LHP, for what it's worth.

James Preller

Ernest Dove said...

Hey James im a little confused by your projections for such am extemely poor BA for him.
He didnt even hit that low last year. With a .150ish start to that first month.
And now he worked again with hitting coach etc etc.
No reason he can't stay over .240, no?

Mack Ade said...

I like Grandy as the leadoff man because he gets the respect of the umps (except that one strike three in game two) and he can make a starter pitch to earn his out.

The hope is he will hit at least .250 because, of his walks he could easily OBP at .350

Thomas Brennan said...

And Mack, if Grandy is .350+ in OB %, his speed will be an asset as a lead off hitter, even if he does not steal a lot of bases.

To James' point, I doubt Grandy hits lead off vs. a lefty.

Reese Kaplan said...

Why is it that the platoon happy whomever it is filling out the lineup card is already poised to sit Duda against a lefty in the upcoming series but Granderson always gets a pass?

Mack Ade said...

Reese -

I have much more confidence having Grandy trying to get on base (especially walking) against a lefty than Duda.

Half of Duda's swing against a lefty looks already completed before the ball is even released.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Grandy's splits are even down the line. Remarkable, really. However, Lagares is a beast vs. LHP.

Anonymous said...

Ernest Dove, in response to your query, Granderson hit .213 post AS break last year. He hit .145 in April and .147 in August.

He's a guy who isn't really a very good hitter. And he's getting old.

He goes very cold for long stretches.

One of the off-season narratives was that Curtis would be better because . . . well, because! And maybe he will. But I'm not banking on it.

I still believe he's the Met best suited for the #9 spot, if they insist on the stupid idea of batting the pitcher 8th.

James Preller

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