Ernest Dove - Why The Juan Lagares Contract Extension Was 'Good Business' For Mets Organization


  So, it looks like the Mets organization, right after word got out about the possible extending of Lucas Duda, immediately went out and locked down the services of Juan Lagares for the rest of this decade first.
  I see this a huge positive on both sides.  You simply have one without the other in this kind of possible argument.  You can argue against a franchise investing too soon in a young player.  You can also argue in favor of the player, wondering if they are selling themselves short. But I see this as a win-win, not only for the Mets and Lagares, but for the fans........ oh, and possible the bottom line and almighty dollar this franchise and its embattled ownership may see more of because of it.

  Butts in the seats:

  Yes, fans like winners.  But you know what, fans also like to be entertained (heck, last I checked, Cubs fans still exist since 1908).  What that Mets now have for the rest of this decade is quite possibly the most entertaining defensive outfielder in the game today.  And as comes excitement, there's always money that follows in the world of entertainment.

  Increased fan base/loyalty:

  For me personally, I only own 2 actual sports jerseys/shirts.  One is of New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, the other is a David Wright shirt. Others may argue with me about the inconsistency of Eli, and the size of Wright's contract.  What nobody can deny, however, is the fact that both are pretty much locks to be with their organizations for over a decade..... same team, same name, same jersey.  For me, I consider this money well spent.  So in my eyes and humble opinion, you might see a nice heavy rise in Juan Lagares jerseys in the coming weeks and months ahead.  Again, good for business.

  From the players perspective:

  Let's face it. Two years ago, Juan Lagares was seemingly a AAAA player who for all we know was just hoping for his chance to use his glove to be the teams 24th-25th man one day.  Now, he's the starting centerfielder and was just offered over $20Mil guaranteed to play the position. So why not jump at the offer.  And he still be plenty young enough after this contract ends to cash in on an even bigger one based on his play. (have you seen some of the 30-31yr guys contract extensions lately in the MLB?)

  From the organization perspective:

  This franchise has been seeking patience from its consumers.  They are now expected to start producing results out of this patience. They are also expected by fans to reward the successes and maintain a winning organization for years to come.  Well, simply drafting well and trading well is not going to cut it, if you end up having to trade away everyone who pans out.  So why not take the risk on a young man who's gotten better it seems like daily.  Maybe he regresses.  Maybe he increases his homers, stolen bases and even his batting average, to go along with his gold glove.  As I've told my buddy Scot earlier today, Juan's glove alone is worth $20mil in today's market.  Now imagine a .275BA, 10 homers and 35 stolen bases to go with it annually, and increasing yearly?

  Other factors to consider:

  Amongst Mets universe, I've heard many a grumbling over the years about reports on pending outside free agents staying away from the Mets organization.  Now, there can be many factors which play here, but I'll stick to a non expert theory that part of it is because outside talent simply might not be seeing the Mets holding on to any talent long term, so why join them for a year or two, and join other one or two year guys, old guys, and prospects under team control.  I truly believe that by offering long term extension to their most talented, will increase the sex appeal of this franchise to players around the league. 
  I also believe the same can be said about pending draft eligible players, specifically those coming straight out of college instead of high school.  We always hear about the game of 'over-slot
 And under-slot.  Well, I wonder if contract extension for talented players who are still firmly under team control, might entice a coupled of talented and high priced college studs.

Well anyway, that's my thoughts on the matter.  Maybe a lot of is obvious, maybe its wishful thinking. But either way, I don't think anyone can deny that is a bad move in any way. 

Now how soon can they lock up Duda, deGrom and Harvey?

GO METS !!!!!!


Thomas Brennan said...

Nice Lagares analysis, Ernest. An article in Post today about what they think of Juan's hitting growth prospects will double your excitement. Juan is going to be great. The whole package. They're getting a bargain, and he's getting some real cash a lot earlier than he would've. Win/win.

Mack Ade said...

This is an unexpected smart move by the Mets this week.

Perfectly timed also.

Ernest Dove said...

I absolutely LOVE this move. Especially for a guy who wasn't highly rated or showed a high ceiling.
I like the wilpons rolling the dice on this (can't hate them forever) and the future Lagares and degrom's of the world can take notice. If u work hard enough, no matter your 'pedigree' you can and will be rewarded.

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