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Comment From greg
Any thoughts on Jeurys Familia as the Mets’ new closer?
Dan Szymborski: He’s the logical option.
Comment From Yllib
What about Vic Black isn’t he sort of the forgotten Met? Could well have the sexiest “closer profile” in that pen on May 1st if his velo is back
Dan Szymborski: He sounds more like a detective.
Comment From L. Scott
With Mejia out and suspended 80 games, do you think Familia is just keeping the seat warm for Parnell?
Dan Szymborski: I think Familia will get a fair chance. Parnell doensn’t have a long-enough history that they’ll roll out the red carpet for his return


Mack - I don't expect any decisions to be made on this until right up to the day Parnell and Black come off the disabled list. 

What I do think is that, regardless how successful Familia will be for the rest of April, I expect him to remain the closer until Parnell first becomes available and, second, looks sharp out of rehab.

Again, just me... I've never seen Black as possible closer material. Eight inning guy maybe, but not closer.

Lastly, sure, there has been a lot of turmoil this year already in the Mets pen, but there also is a lot of talent and depth. 


Ernest Dove said...

After watching Familia completely baffle and embarress Stanton and Prado last night, there really shouldn't be a contest anymore.
Yeah yeah yeah guys shouldn't lose spot due to injury. Does that mean the patriots shoulda left Brady on the bench out of respect to the incumbent starter on his return? (Obviously not comparing Familia to a football QB but u get my point)

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