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Comment From Brandon
What do you think about the Castro rumors?
Dave Cameron: Don’t think the Cubs trade him in-season.
Dave Cameron: Next winter, maybe.

Mack - I was impressed with SS Wilmer Flores' fielding so far this week, but now he seems lost with a bat in his hand.

This started in the last two weeks of spring training and he seems to have lost confidence while standing in the box. He also swung at anything thrown his way.

Let's face it... the 2016 Mets shortstop may not be in this organization right now and Castro (along with Tulo) would be a prime candidate to keep an eye on. 

My guess is that Addison Russell will be the Cubs 2016 shortstop, leaving Castro and his remaining contract (through 2019) exposed for a trade. The Mets have the prospect depth in their organization to pull a deal off here though they would probably have to pay 100% of his existing contract.

We'll keep an eye on Castro throughout the season.



Thomas Brennan said...

C'mon, Wilmer. Hit the ball...you know you can.

Ernest Dove said...

Unless the Mets can unload either cuddyer or grandy contract by next offseason, I feel like the Mets will again have a homegrown guy manning short in 2016.

Anonymous said...

The Wilpons need to start spending in a way that is commensurate with the value of the franchise. Paying a SS should not be an obstacle to winning.

There are valid reasons for giving Flores a shot at short. Money is not one of them.

James Preller

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