Mack’s Morning Report – 4-18-05 – Phillies, Brady Aiken, Eight Relievers, Rafael Montero


Good morning.

I’ve decided to return to writing the Morning Report each morning, at 8am, on Friday through Sunday (three mornings) on Mack’s Mets.

12:26 - Comment From MetFaithful5 - Any concern with how a terrible Phillies team was able to hold their own against Harvey yesterday? Or just an off night for him?

12:26 - Dave Cameron: The terrible Phillies didn’t hold their own; the good one did.
Mack – Tuesday night was not a great outing for Matt Harvey, but it was good enough for him to leave the game with a lead. Frankly, a high percentage of his fastballs were high in the zone and the Phillies were able to time up on them… but this is a terrible team (Phillies) with one good hitter (Utley) and Harvey would win 18 out of 20 games again them all year long.

There’s been some very good baseball players go down with seasonal injuries this year and I wonder if the Mets would have the guts to draft one of them come June. We all know it’s a week draft to start with and, with the Mets already down their first pick, a chance on one of the few blue chippers might be considered even though there is a current Tommy John Surgery rehab to consider. Two top pitchers would be:

Brady Aiken – last year’s unsigned number one overall pick had surgery on 3-25. The 18-year old has been pitching for the IMG Academy.
Michael Matuella – the Duke junior entered this season as the top college draft-eligible pitcher. He had surgery on 3-27.

I’ll tell you this… there won’t be a more talented pitcher available when the Mets first pick does come around in the second round.

Look, everything seems to be clicking on all cylinders even when our Captain goes down for the count. Still, we can’t expect to continue to hold the fort down at these lofty levels on excellent pitching alone.

I’ve loved the eight pitchers in the pen stuff only because it has worked in a small window, but there will come a time very shortly that this team is going to need more than having, let’s say, Anthony Recker play third base.

I’d hate to send one of the pen down, but it’s going to have to be either RHRP Buddy Carlyle, RHRP Eric Goeddel, or LH-Rule V pick Sean Gilmartin. It’s too early to bail out on A. Torris and Jerry Blevins is a Godsend right now.
You’ve got three moves coming up.

The first should be bring up OF-3B Alex Castellanos and send down Goedelle.
Now, you have to find two slots for RHRPs Bobby Parnell and Vic Black when they come off of rehab before the end of the month.

Sadly, they look to be Carlyle and Gilmartin.

The good news is the pen will strengthen up even more though friendships will abruptly come to an end. The business of baseball.

Michael Baron had a Friday feature about Mets pitcher Rafael Montero here .
Baron said he has no idea what to make of him yet.

Look, Montero was never a ‘short man’. He was a starter for 73 of his 78 minor league games, all of which were in rookie ball. This is a starter turned into a reliever on the airplane taking him to Queens.

Pitchers use their signature pitch to set up the rest that they throw and Montero’s signature pitch is his change-up. Can you really set up a major league hitter with a changeup when you come into a game with bases loaded?

The Mets need to take a step back with Montero and let him develop his ‘pen game. He can’t perform this role if he doesn’t have the confidence to succeed.

For now, put him on the front end of your pen. Use him when your starter is run early and you need a couple of innings from a guy to settle things down.

Don’t send him down. You’ll ruin this guy if you send him back to Vegas.


Ernest Dove said...

Mets have so much talent right now that im cool with WHATEVER they wanna do in the draft this next time around. Dont care if they swing and miss on a bunch. They've got decent trade chips on 25man and beyond anyway yo accumulate young talent elsewhere.
Too early to tell either way but perhaps Montero is not meant to be a reliever. At his best (pinpoint control) he's meant to be a guy who can go 7 solid innings and beyond as a starter.

Anonymous said...

I think they will ruin him (Montero) if they keep trying to make him a relief pitcher. He's more effective as a starter and that is where his maximum value lies......either with the Mets or as an eventual trade chip.

I think he takes over for Gee at some point this year after getting stretched out in Vegas for a couple starts.

Remember, Wheeler may not be back until well into 2016 and there is no guarantee Thor and Matz will be ready this year......I would keep Montero in the rotation until he is bumped by someone more talented.


Zozo said...

I believe stretching Montero out and bringing him back as 5th starter is our best option. Try and trade Gee for whatever you can get.

Mack Ade said...

I agree with all three of you.

Montero is a starter

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, I agree with you all on Raffie.

On drafting studs with TJ Surgery, my brother still reminds me frequently that the Mets passed on Lucas Giolito due to elbow issues...Nats did not. Giolito is now considered a better pitcher long term that Matz and Thor, and perhaps another Harvey, after his Tommy John. I draft either one of those 2 injured pitchers...or see if another possible Joey Gallo baseball crusher is out there.

8-3, and deGrom and Harvey next. Wow.

Robb said...

I dont think either of those two pitchers make it where the mets would have picked in the first round if they hadnt given up the pick. Both gone by 15. both somewhere around 7-10. sad

Zozo said...

I doubt either of those 2 will be available when we draft, but keeping fingers crossed.
How you feeling Mack? You must be on some heavy meds because you are doing a complete 180 on Montero, LOL... Hope all is well my friend

Mack Ade said...

Zozo -

There's a big difference between me wanting someone to be a reliever and someone capable of being a reliever.

He's proving to me (on the mound) that my desires just may not be able to be accomplished

Zozo said...

IMO I feel let them start at each level until they flatten out and have proven they can't be a starter. He hasn't flatten out at any level he has pitched in as a starter. So I would keep him in that role til he proves otherwise. Plus starting pitchers are worth more to other teams as proven starters in the minors than a relief pitcher at the same level in a trade scenario.

Ernest Dove said...

Realistically. Colon, Niese and Gee could/should all have new homes next year.
And last time I checked Syndergaard and Matz have done Zero for the major league club right now.
Montero has earned his chance to be in the rotation now and maybe long into the future.

Dallas said...

Think about the Montero/Gee situation. Mets were in a place where they had to keep both in case someone got hurt. They didn't want to bring up Matz/Thor this early in the season because of an injury so that they lose a year of control. With that timeline pretty much past they can feel more comfortable trading/ditching Gee and going with Montero with Matz/Thor. One hopes that Gee can at least up his value a little as he has looked terrible so far.

Thomas Brennan said...

If Gee continues to pitch poorly, and Montero gets back to his sharp self, Gee will have to go, especially as we get towards June Super 2, when there is a fallback.

If Gee were to go now, none of Matz, Thor, Pill, and Bowman are dazzling anyone. Far from it. That dazzle has to be there before a move is made. There always has to be a ready fallback if you are contending team. One big hole can sink a ship.


Ladies and gents, it's MOO-NO TIME

Mack Ade said...

Just throwing it out there...

Is Gee really pitching that bad?

Take away the home run balls and what would his stats be?

Mack Ade said...

I wish I had more confidence that Syndergaard and/or Matz will be successful at the major league level.

Right now, I'd like to concentrate on the 2015 season.

I like Gee, and yes, he's a capable SP5... and, if he can elliminate the home run ball, he will win more than he loses... but I truly believe that Montero is more talented.


You are never going to know unless you pitch him regularly.

I'm really at a loss on this one.

Dallas said...

Small sample size, but I would say yes he has looked bad. Take away the home run ball and lots of guys would look good. I do think he is better than he has pitched though. Hard to know the real Gee with his injuries and somewhat streaky performances. Remember that Harvey wasnt dazzling in AAA when he was finally promoted.

Richard Jones said...

I'm happy with the rotation as it is. Montero, Syndergaard, and Matz haven't shown me that they would be a huge upgrade at this point.
I think Alderson should be listening to offers for Neise, Gee, and Colon but the offer would have to be a very good one. As well as the Mets are playing I still don't believe this will be their year. I see this as an84 type Mets team. If the Mets can get talent for any of those three that they would be able to package to help bring in a Tulo type player they should do it. That could put them over the top for the 2016 season and beyond.
I don't see any need to dump any of those pitchers at this time. Montero's 35 straight fastball game and then his walkng the first batter he faces with the bases loaded doesn't give me that much confidence in him. I would be willing to give him a chance if one of the three are traded but I wouldn't be looking to make a trade simply to open a spot for him.

Anonymous said...

Right now:

* Syndergaard is showing early signs of TJ issues, on the heels of being identified as an injury candidate due to his mechanics. I don't know what the next two years will look like for him.

* Matz is learning at AAA. I hope he can be an effective SP in 2015.

* Montero is an enigma right now. He doesn't seem fully ready to run throw a lineup three times.

And because of that, I don't think the Mets can trade any of their starting pitchers. If Colon continues to do well, he'd be tradeable -- but I wouldn't do it for that exact same reason. I want this team to win now, this year.

One name I'll throw out there is Gilmartin. He's another "stretch 'em out" candidate down the road, should more obstacles befall us.

James Preller

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