The Morning Report 4.8.2015 | Puello Injured/Back on the 40 Man Roster, Mejia Diagnosed, Binghamton Mets Extend PDC


Jeff Todd | MLB Trade RumorsThe Mets have retracted Puello’s outright and placed him on the Major League disabled list. Puello contested the outright assignment, stating that he was injured, and he does indeed have a stress fracture in his back. Puello will gain Major League service time and is on the team’s 40-man roster. Josh Edgin has been transferred to the 60-day DL to clear room.

(Chris Soto: From what I have read, the MRI showed the "beginnings" of a stress fracture, not a full blown injury. This sounds more like Puello is upset with the team, no longer wants to be in AAA, and wants to be paid like an MLB player. In either case, this may be another odd year for Puello where we just don't hear anything about him for the rest of the season.)

Jared Diamond | Wall Street Journal- 
Mejia, the Mets’ closer, was diagnosed Tuesday with posterior elbow inflammation after undergoing an MRI and X-ray at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York on Tuesday, the team said. In other words, the tests revealed no structural damage, indicating that, at least for now, Mejia has avoided a serious problem. He received a cortisone injection and will be unavailable to pitch competitively for at least 10 days. As a result, the Mets placed Mejia on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to April 5 and promoted right-hander Erik Goeddel from Triple-A Las Vegas.

(Chris Soto: Whew...dodged a bullet. Two points to make here though. A) It's nice to see Goeddel getting another shot at the MLB level. Hopefully he makes more of his second opportunity then he did with his 1st cause once Vic Black is healthy again, Goeddel is likely to head back to AAA. B) This slides Juerys Familia into the closer role. In my opinion, between Mejia, Parnell, and Familia, Juerys has the "best stuff" to be a closer. I personally have a feeling that Familia is going to do well over the next 2 weeks and will not give the role back to Mejia.)

Michael Baron | Just Mets
The Mets and the Binghamton Mets have been affiliated with one another since the 1992, and on Tuesday, the clubs ensured their relationship would last through this decade. The Mets and the Binghamton Mets announced they’ve extended their player development agreement through 2020.“We consider our affiliation with the New York Mets the crown jewel of our assets, Fans can rest assured that the Binghamton Mets and New York Mets will be linked for the next six years. The Mets love their affiliation in Binghamton,” Urda [said]. “As the team’s affiliate of the year last season, we take pride in treating every Mets player, manager, coach and visiting member of the front office like family.”

(Chris Soto: Glad to see that the Mets will be staying in Binghamton for at least another 5 seasons. The B-Mets is my primary ticket to viewing the prospects in the organization. For a while it looked like the Blue Jays were going to put some significant pressure on Binghamton to boot the club after numerous losing seasons but the talent pool available to the team has done a complete 180 since Alderson took over the organization.)


eraff said...

I really don;t get some of the Anti-Puello rant here. On one hand, people trash his ability to play---on the other hand, they want him to be chained to the Mets (who also might feel that he can't play.

If his device is to get them to pay him MLB Salary to irritate them toward releasing him, I call that LEVERAGE.

I think there's still a chance for this guy to Pop---to predict he won't is no big deal...most guys never make it.

On the other hand, if he wants a fresh start---They Have Had 6 years with him!!!--- well. I can understand that.

The rules of engagement are written so that players have some level of career control at an advanced point---so big deal if Puello is pressing the edges of that--- teams pursue similar "edge" with all the Super 2 and Arbitration Bullshit.

Thomas Brennan said...

I'm not sure on that take on Puello...if he were that desirable, another team would have snatched him off waivers as the Rangers recently snagged Logan Verrett. He may have tools, but he needs to play to make them better.

Good for Jennry, with his job as closer on the line, to be cautious anyway and shut it down. Hopefully he is good to go in two weeks.

My only gripe with Binghamton is cold weather. A lousy environment for April nite games.
But it is close to Queens, relatively speaking, so that is good.

I'm doing a preview on B Mets tomorrow.

eraff said...

Ok---exactly my point --"if he were so good...."--- so...why the hell is everyone so upset about whatever Puello may be doing to get away from the Mets?...after all--- if he's not good, why do you care if he wants to leave???

Stephen Guilbert said...

Hope you don't mind if I chime in, being a pretty big fan of Puello.

I think this is a risk for him. 29 other teams just said "no thanks" and while he will find a new home if he's cut, he'll probably have to accept an assignment with that team as well. The Mets know him, they've put up with him and kept him through his PED scandal and underperformance, and there has to be some intrinsic value in staying where you are.

By contesting the assignment and earning a DL spot because of what looks like a very minor back injury only prolongs the inevitable. He won't be able to stay on the DL for long. He will have to accept the assignment or he will have to with another team. Personally, because I do still like his talent, I hope his agent knocks some sense into him. We just traded den Dekker and while Campbell and Kirk provide some insurance along with Mayberry, a long term injury to Cuddyer or Mayberry could open up a spot for him. I've seen worse players become good MLBers and I just like having those guys in the system. He clearly needs to work on his game and is going to in Triple-A no matter what. He needs to grow up, lick his wounds, accept the assignment and make sure he's the first phone call made when there's an injury in Flushing.

Thomas Brennan said...

Stephen, I agree with your comment, and want to see this guy play one more season, to see if he can break out or not. if not, release him then.

If he is pouting, he is stupid. he did not get selected off of waivers. That should tell him something, go down and play your butt off and change minds. Time marches on, and he only gets older.

Mack Ade said...

Chris -

After reading in 'Baseball Maverick' about what Alderson thought of Gonzalez Germen, my guess is Puello will never play another game for any Mets team again.

Stephen Guilbert said...

Mack, what did he say?

Mack Ade said...

Stephen -

Alderson has a very deep anger sometimes. He likes to watch games without reporters because I'm sure he doesn't want things like were written in the book to come out.

On one particular game last year, the writer of the book was invited to watch the game with Alderson in his private box.

Gonzalez Germen came into pitch at some point in the game and started to throw slow stuff which upset Alderson.

"This guy went on the DL with an abscess!" said Alderson. "How do you go on the DL with an abscess?"

Germen then gave up a home run (game went to Mets down 5-0). He kept thowing changeups even though Dan Warthen had reviewed with Germen the need to pitch off his fastball.

Walk to Yasmani Grandal.

Cameron Maybin singled.

Germen kept throwing changeups.

"WHY DOES HE THINK IT'S CALLED A CHANGE UP?" Aldreson groused, getting up to walk around in the rear portion of the suite.

Warthen came out to the mound for a conference. Alderson was sure it was to remind him to throw a fastball.

The next pitch was a changeup.

'THROW A GODDAMNED FASTBALL" Alderson screamed from the back of the suite.

Stephen Guilbert said...

Alderson is a man after my own heart. I would be doing the same thing.

It bothers me as a fan when I see helpful analytics thrown out the window. It would infuriate me to the point of aggression if I were a GM witnessing the same thing. This only makes me like Sandy more.

I wonder if he feels similarly about Puello. Puello's actions in the past certainly won't have him in anyone's good graces.

Thomas Brennan said...

My feelings on Puello are morphing. When I see guys like Joey Gallo and Kris Bryant brutalizing pitched balls, and having so much less minor league time, it is past time for Puello to produce or disappear.

If he does not go back to AAA and tear it up, bring up the next guy.

Mack Ade said...

I think everybody needs to just forget about Cesar Puello.

He seems to be a lost cause and this move to get major league money probably really pissed off Alderson.

The Mets are targeting for the 2017 outfield to be Juan Lagares, Brandon Nimmo, and Michael Conforto.

The current outfield will also be the 2016 version.

Things could change but only if there is a trade or free agency signing. The Mets systemdoesn't have a pure bred prospect past Nimmo and Confort until Wuilmer Becerra MIGHT develop in 2018.

The players currently in extended camp don't translate to anyone that will develop into a MLB starter, and the next draft doesn't have the bonus money (Mets are 30th or dead last in the league in bonus pool money) to find anyone there.

No, forget Puello.

The future is either Nimmo, Conforto, Becerra, a free agent, or someone in a trade.

Steve from Norfolk said...

Chris, I did some research on stress fractures, and found that the predecessor to a stress fracture is a weak spot in the bone at the point where it is going to fracture if activity is not stopped. Pain is the main indicator of this occurring, and microfractures develop that are detectable wit a MRI. Now, if this is the case, I have a question. What has he been doing in his workouts? He sure hasn't been playing too much!

Thomas Brennan said...

0you're probably spot on with that outfield analysis in the minors, Mack. Three guys besides Becerra who could challenge would be Champ Stuart (lightning fast); Vicente Lupo (long shot); and Victor Cruzado. But any of those have a long way to go Before anyone would consider them bona fide major league prospects.

If Jayce Boyd can in fact handle the OF, be healthy and unimpeded, and throw well, he could be better than Soup - or not. He has to step up this year, especially with power.

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