Some weeks back, I addressed that a big reason I felt excited about the upcoming 2015 season was the Mets’ offense.

Going position by position, I had made a case that the Mets would score 740 runs (4.6 runs per game) vs. 2013' 629 runs (3.9 per game).  I got a lot of disagreement on that one.  But…

That was before spring training's offensive explosion.

And so now…I feel more confident than ever that 2015 will get us those 740 runs…or more.  Let’s take an end-of-spring-training look:

Granderson had a blowout offensive spring, getting on base constantly, going leftfield with authority and rarely striking out.  Last year, he was the exact opposite. So I see a huge offensive upgrade from him in 2015 as a real possibility.

Wright looked healthy all spring.  Why not a big upgrade in 2015 there?

Duda struggled this spring due to his injury, but picked it up late. I see him replicating or improving upon 2014.  He did not wake up until June last year, and look what he did.  He'll bring it from day 1 this year.

Lagares shows every sign of being a much improved hitter. Average, power, on base.

Cuddyer and Mayberry both had outstanding springs and are a major upgrade offensively over their counterparts in 2014.  Welcome to Queens, gents.

D'Arnaud broke the offensive success barrier in 2014, and has that under his belt now. I expect improvement in 2015.  And if Recker falters, we have Monell in AAA.  Nothing comparable in reserve in 2014.

Wilmer should greatly improve on overall Mets 2014 shortstop offensive numbers.  If he falters, there are real answers (like Reynolds) in the minors as replacements.

And Murphy is Mr. Steady offensively.  Why should he not replicate 2012-14?

All in all, a big offensive year starts today. Let the games begin.


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