INJURED - 3B - David Wright


Jared Diamond ‏@jareddiamond

David Wright has suffered a setback. He has experienced lower back pain and had an MRI, which came back clean.


Ernest Dove said...

At this point im gonna go ahead and put the captain out of my mind until summer time.
This team isn't scoring anyway and their 18-10, so lets keep the arms going, call up a Thor/Matz for some quality spot starts, and hope some small group of TDA, plawecki, Wilmer, Murph and Duda get hot, show more power and stay hot for a couple months.

Christopher Soto said...

I have a feeling that this may be getting a little over blown.

Leg injuries cause people to put a heavier weight load on their backs.

DW may just be sore from his rehab. A few days of rest and I have a feeling he'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Considering that the hamstring is connected to the back in some ways like Chris said this is getting extremely overblown. Tight hamstrings are major contributors to bad backs, and with Wright's past history for his back to flair up during the rehab process is almost honestly expected. Like they said no structural damage was found, just a sore back after a hamstring injury.

Thomas Brennan said...

A setback means what, he'll miss 35 games? Hopefully he readjusts his approach when he finally returns.

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