Michael Baron:

Terry Collins told reporters in Philadelphia this afternoon, one of the starting pitchers has a physical problem, which could force the Mets to need another starting pitcher in this turn through the rotation.

Mack - Well, what's obvious is it's not Matt Harvey because he's pitching tonight.

My hopes is it's not Jacob deGrom who would be the other front rotation member of this staff.

I never wish anyone ill health, especially someone who is part of the second lowest ERA rotation in baseball, but this just might be the opportunity that gets either Noah Syndergaard or Steven Matz to Queens.  For information purposes, Matz has been pulled from the Vegas rotation, so it looks like he would get the nod.

5:45pm - Update -  it's Dillon Gee with a groin injury... he was scheduled to start on Sunday, the same day Matz was pulled from the Las Vegas schedule


D Whit said...

"Thor" will make his MLB debut at Wrigley on Tuesday.

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