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I am sure this past weekend left a bad taste in all Mets fans. You give up only two runs over 18 innings against the supposedly best team in the National League and you lose both games, 1-0.

We all knew this was going to be a pitcher based team and, in order to win more games than lose them… with this offense… it would take timely hitting, excellent defense, and a little luck.

The Mets seem to have that for the lion share of April, but then all questionable areas were exposed. The bats developed holes in them. The gloves… bigger holes. And the good luck disappeared.

Where does this leave the Mets?

          16-10  -  7th best record in baseball
          3.01-ERA – 3rd best in NL

And where do the Mets go in May?

Well, they have plenty of quality pitching and they will continue to throw them at their opponents. I see no change in the current rotation unless someone goes down with an injury. We then all know there are two more studs in Las Vegas waiting their turn here.

Regarding the rest of the game that is played, there is no magic solution here. The Mets are thinned out with injuries, thin in offensive talent, and no other team’s GM is going to solve their problem with a trade that takes away existing contracts and replaces them with quality ballplayers.

Lastly, and most importantly. Play these guys out of their funk. You can’t keep looking to Las Vegas to solve your problems. Hitting .300+ at the AAA level means nothing in this league. 

The team (and their General Manager) made the decision early on for Curtis Granderson and Michael Cuddyer to be their corner outfielders and Wilmer Flores to be the starting shortstop. 

I know the Mets system. There is no one currently there that could replace any of these three and do a better job (sic) than they are doing now.


Anonymous said...

It is the same old BS from the Mets. They expected us fans to wait until the pitching came of age. Now they expect to wait for the hitting to come of age as well.

Maybe they are not smart enough to realize that it doesn't happen at the same time and they needed to sign a Nelson Cruz instead of another aging has been like Cuddyer.

Here lies the problem with the mental Genius in his own mind Sandy Alderson. His 2 biggest signing, Granderson = Jason Bay 2.0 and Cuddyer is Chris Young revisited. And to top it off, he trades MDD instead of Capt. Kirk.

Want more horror? Collins the Imbecile still manages this team and now his stupid lineup is catching up to his mental IQ.

The Mets also have a bench of minor leaguers in Tejada, Recker, Capt. Kirk and Mayberry. You can't win that way.

Oh and almost forgot the mistreatment of Montero who went from BP to starter to BP to minors to strech arm to majors to start. The only problem is that the increase was too quick and now he is on the disable list.

The Mets apparently learned nothing when they did the same to Mejia.

Anonymous said...

First requirement of getting a job on the Mets. Stupidity and don't ask questions.

Mack Ade said...

Anonymous -

We're one month into the season, which is ending on a bad losing streak, and the team is still pacing to win 100 games.

Did you really expect this team to sign Nelson Cruz?

Dallas said...

Imagine how different this club would look with Cruz. Likely going to be the difference in 4+ games over the course of the year over Cuddyer (unless he really turns it on).

We have lost series against Nats, Yanks, Marlins but all of those series could have gone our way with a timely hit or non-botched defensive play. Those are good teams. Nats started the year with a bunch of injuries but have gotten healthier and were picked to win it all. Yanks and Marlins have both won 8 of 10, they are beating other teams including us. Over the next 30 days the Mets should have a stream of upgrades coming back from injury. I do hope Sandy makes some moves if over the next month some key guys are still struggling and we dont try to play through them longer than we should.

Christopher Soto said...


Your comparisons of Granderson to Jason Bay and Cuddyer to Chris Young are both extremely unfair.

While Granderson's stat line may not look sexy...he still possesses a .359 OBP which is amongst the top 50 hitters in baseball and 7th overall when to sparse that data into lead-off hitters only. His job is to work the pitcher and get on base and he is doing his job well.

As for Cuddyer....his long career has always shown him to be a slot starter as his April OPS is generally 13% lower than the league average rate. Right now his K rate is also currently 7 % points higher than his career norm. This is not going to continue.

Your correct on the bench being lackluster although I would disagree than Mayberry is a minor leaguer.

Your absolutely right on the dicking around of Montero although I honestly don't think he has a fit on this team anyway.

Reese Kaplan said...

Someone in Queens may be listening after all. I advocated bringing Monell in as a way to bolster the offense temporarily and lo and behold he's on the way here now according to a report published by Michael Baron.

Thomas Brennan said...

MO-NELL, MO-NELL, MO-NELL. Another of my minors guys coming up. Kirk can leave. But can any of these call up

Thomas Brennan said...

To finish the thought, can any of these call ups hit. Johnny gets a chance to shine

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