Mack's Morning Report - 5-8-15 - Mets Promotions Projected By June


It’s impossible to predict accurately who will be the next Mets that are promoted to the next level in their quest to get to the majors; however, we can predict who we feel they will be.

My guess for May promotions are:

LHRP David Roseboom – Savannah

The 22-year old Roseboom was a 17th round draft pick in 2014 out of South Carolina-Upstate. Through his eight appearances so far (through Tuesday night) this year for a prospect starved Sand Gnat team, he has given up only one earned run in 15-IP (0.60, 18-K). This follows a 2014 season for Kingsport where he produced a stat line of 16-appearances, 22.2-IP, 30-K, 8-BB, 1.59, 1.15.

Roseboom projects as the first Gnat to make his way to St. Lucie.

       RHSP Casey Meisner – Savannah

           There will be at some point some starter positions moving their way to the next level. 

This usually doesn't start until around the time starters have put in around 10 appearances for their original team.

           Meisner should be the first to come out of Savannah, to replace either Logan Tayler (7.13) or Kevin McGowan (6.20) in the St. Lucie roster.

           The 19-year old former 3rd round 2013 pick out of Cypress Woods (TX) H.S. is 1-1, 1.93, 1.33, 23.1-IP, 18-K, 8-BB for the Gnats.    


OF Michael Conforto – St. Lucie

We’ve all heard the rumors last week that Conforto (.288)will be the first player out of St. Lucie to move on to Binghamton, where he should have started the season in the first place. Does this mean that he will replace the red hot Brandon Nimmo (.292... .341 last 10 games) in centerfield, sending him to Las Vegas a little earlier than expected?

Let’s face it… the Mets want the 2-year contract given to Michael Cuddyer (.234) to be the right decision and both Nimmo and Conforto would slot in more comfortably as corner Queens outfielders on opening day 2017.

My guess is Nimmo will play in the same Binghamton outfield as Conforto, at least through July.

LHRP Kyle Regnault – St. Lucie

Regnault came to the Mets in the 2014-15 off-season after not being drafted out of the 2011 draft and then playing three years in the CanAm League. He’s 25-years old so he does have to get going and the Mets need to see what he has against players in both the AA and AAA level. So far this season for St. Lucie, he’s pitched in nine games, giving up only two earned runs in 14.2 innings pitcher (1.23).
And… let’s remember he’s a lefty.

RHSP Robert Gsellman – St. Lucie
The 21-year old Gsellman has been a success throughout his five Mets seasons (62-games, 50-starts, 21-15, 2.73) and pitched a full season last year for Savannah (20-starts, 10-6, 2.55). Gsellman looks like the first candidate to fill any slot created by a B-Mets promotion to Las Vegas (we’ll have more on that down the page).

RHRP Paul Sewald – Binghamton
You can’t pitch better than Sewald has done so far this season. The 24-year old 10th round pick in 2012 out of San Diego has pitched almost perfect baseball in his first 10 outings this year… no runs given up in 14.1 innings pitcher, 17 strikeouts and only three walks… and only five hits. His seasonal ERA: 0.00.

Sewald sure looks like the real deal. In 104 appearances over four minor league seasons, he has a 1.68 ERA and a 0.97 WHIP. And let’s not forget about his 188 strikeouts over 155.1 innings pitched.

The Mets need to make room for Sewald in Las Vegas so they can see if he can match these kind of numbers in that crazy league.

RHSP Luis Cessa – Binghamton

            I really don’t know what to make of when it comes to Cessa. Some consider him a prospect though he already is 23-years old. His best season is what he is doing right now: 4-starts, 2-1, 2.14, 1.24, 21.0-IP, 20-K3-BB. Four starts is usually far away from a promotion, but, if a slot opens up in Las Vegas, look for the phone call to Binghamton to obtain his services.


Thomas Brennan said...

Those guys have been
a Magnificent 7 this year so far. All deserve promotion. Gsellman nearly tossed a no-no last time out, so I am particularly intrigued with him.

Thomas Brennan said...

I'd also promote Akeel Morris to AA when Sewald moves on to AAA.

Brian Joura said...

In his first 11 games, Conforto tore the cover off the ball. But in his last 17 games, he has a .254/.293/.366 line in 75 PA. Overall he has a fine .851 OPS but I just don't believe that's a justification for a May promotion.

Mack Ade said...

Brian -

You may be right. He has cooled off, but he's also being pitched around. I would still move on with progress.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

I'm not sure why they seem to be always keeping Morris back. His age warrants a move to AA

Zozo said...

I don't remember hearing about this roseboom guy, but thanx for informing us. Sandy and crew have done a tremendous job filling out our minors with some upcoming studs.

Mack Ade said...

Zozo -

Most of the relievers that are blossoming in the minors are mid to late round high school kids that the Mets took a shot on after exhaustive scouting at that level

Thomas Brennan said...

Hi Mack - on Morris, I bet he's ready for AAA. His only real flaw so far is his walks are a bit high. But he is averaging under 3 hits and over 14 Ks per 9 since the start of 2014. And that does not count his 3 hitless innings in spring training.

He is too good for St Lucie right now...and might even be too good for AA. Only way to know is to promote him. Demote someone else if you have to.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hey Zozo. How are ya?

Brad Wieck is another possible recent reliever drafted stud.

He was switched to starting in Savannah this year and struggled a bit, but the 2014 rookie ball Wieck showed up last nite with 5 innings, 9 Ks. I love guys who can amass Ks in the lower minors, because it is an indicator they'll hold their own at the major league level as they progress.

I have a feeling he will be a strong lefty arm available for the Mets pen by 2017. At 6'9", 260, he is imposing like Yanks Betances and Miller.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

I was surprised when they decided to make Weick a starter this season but it does seem to be working out, I would leave him in Savannah to work on his mental 'starter' game

Christopher Soto said...

@Mack and Tom

Weick is a legit SP prospect.

The only reason he was in the bullpen last year is because he was an early senior sign and walked into Brooklyn with 70 IP already under his belt from his 2014 college season.

Most Short Season A starters throw between 65-75 IP in a season so Wieck was already at that max threshold.

Oklahoma City College was using him as a starter as well as the closer on days that he did not start so the Mets front office may have felt that Wieck had already gotten quite a substantial amount of work in.

Anonymous said...

Roseboom is a lefty

Mack Ade said...

Anonymous -

My bad - corrected

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