Mack's Morning Report - Relief Report Card

This would be a good time to also take a look at how the Mets bullpen has performed so far this season, what the status of some of the walking wounded are, and what might be some changed we can look for in May.

First of all, I always have a hard time trying to figure out how to evaluate relievers. I know I can't use earned run averages because it simply isn't fair. These guys are brought into ballgames for specific short range reasons and you could have a guy that has given the team, oh, let's say six or seven great outings in a row. Then, he hangs one curve, a ball is hit over the fence, and his overall ERA (bases on runs/9 innings) soar.

On the other hand, what if there were three runners on when that ball went over the fence. Those three runs don't get charged to this pitcher which I never have thought is fair either.

It's too late for me to go back and figure out how many runs were charged against other pitchers while one of these guys were throwing, but what I can do is tell you how many of their relief appearances so far this season have been quality ones.

Jeurys Familia - Appearances:  12    Quality Appearances: 10 - Familia's two 'non-quality' stints' were where he gave up one run in one inning each

Buddy Carlyle -  Appearances: 9   Quality Appearances:  7 -  only two bad outing (4-19, Miami) where Carlyle gave up 2-ER in 1.0-IP... and loaded the bases in the 9th inning on 4-30 against the Nats (Jack Leathersich gave up a double and three runs were charged to Carlyle.

Sean Gilmartin - Appearances:  8   Quality Appearances:  6 - the other two outings were where Gilmartin gave up one run each in 0.1 innings pitched. His last four outings  were quality ones.

Alex Torres -     Appearances: 11    Quality appearances: 9  -  Torres' first outing was horrible (2-ER in 0.1-IP) but, then didn't give up a run in the next 7.0 innings he has pitched (in 8 outings) until Wednesday night

Eric Goeddel -   Appearances: 7   Quality appearances: 7 - has not given up a run in all 7 appearances

Carlos Torres    Appearances:  12  -  quality appearances:  10  -  Torres has given up only three runs, all in one appearance against Miami, until Tuesday night (again, Miami). The rest of them: 8-G, 6.0-IP, 0-R, 2-H

Hansel Robles -  Appearances: 2  Quality appearances:  1

Jack Leathersich - Appearances: 2  Quality appearances: 1 - gave up a 3-run double on 4-30 to the Nats.

Projected future changes - Both veterans Vic Black and Bobby Parnell are expected to come back to the bullpen sometime in May. In addition, the Mets still have to solve what to do with Rafael Montero and Dillon Gee.


Thomas Brennan said...

Hi Mack, perhaps at some point, your guy Paul Sewald (untouchable in AA) gets into the mix, but if Parnell and Black do come back, and with Thor and Matz showing every sign of being ready RIGHT NOW, the chances of Paul making this staff, other than as a Sept call up, seem slim.

Richard Jones said...

I read that the Giants had one of the top execs at both Friday and Saturday's game. The Giants are in dire need of a 3rd baseman and they could use some pitching.
Could moving Murphy to 3rd have partly been done to showcase him for the Giants? If the Giants are interested in him and a pitcher who is not Harvey or deGrom who do they have that they would be willing to part with that would help the Mets?

I know with pitching you want to keep depth but with the way both Syndergaard and Matz are pitching do you really keep your 3rd and 4th best starting pitchers in the minors for depth?

eraff said...

The Big Decision on any trades will be based on whether you're trading for Prospects or Current Year Pieces.

If SF wants a Pitcher and Murph, it's gonna be for Prospects---Giants are in a Current Year chase, and you're not getting an MLB Piece.

That's ok...except... it burns some of your trading stock if you're later on looking for a deadline piece or a huge trade for a SS...of course, the SS trade would probably involve prospects GOING and a SS (MLB Level) coming.

Richard Jones said...

I don't agree with that in general. I don't know about with the Giants.

The Mets are in the chase also. They would be giving the Giants multiple MLB pieces. I don't think this is the case but lets say the Giants had an Addison Russell who was ready. Would they be willing to move Crawford. I think so.

I don't know a lot about the Giants and when I read that about Murphy I really didn't see anyone on the Giants that I thought they would be willing to part with that the Mets could use.

The Giants also don't seem to be deep with prospects. I don't think they'll make another Wheeler type trade and part with Crick or Beede. After them they don't have much.

Mack Ade said...

It would surprise me if anyone wanted a piece of the Mets offense right now.

Ernest Dove said...

I assume that Sandy, the king of patience, is in no hurry to trade anyone.....
Now, when wright is back (and healthy), Montero is back and healthy, TDA is bacj and healthy and Parnell/black are at least pitching consistently somewhere (sheesh sounds like a lot of IF's) and Herrera starts hitting, then maybe u trade Murph and a pitcher for multiple prospects that can always be flipped to somebody else before trade deadline for whatever mets need during stretch run

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

I agree with you. Most of the Mets depth right now is on the DL.

The Mets desperately need to produce more runs right now and they need for Wright to return and be plugged into the middle of the lineup.

The pitching has been everything we have expected it to be and we knew this season would be a lot of one run games. It's just a matter of which side of those games your score is on.

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