Please be advised of the following Sand Gnats roster moves:

5/6 - Eudor Garcia added from Kingsport Mets
5/6 - Pedro Perez transferred to Brooklyn Cyclones
5/5 - Dawrin Frias added from Brooklyn Cyclones
5/5 - Ben Griset added from Brooklyn Cyclones
5/5 - Shane Bay placed on DL; retroactive to May 4th
5/5 - Cameron Griffin placed on DL; retroactive to May 2nd

Mack - Eudor Garcia would be considered as the first 'prospect upgrade' of the young season.


Reese Kaplan said...

Please refer to him as "El Paso's Eudor Garcia" to honor my adopted hometown :)

Charles said...

This guy intrigues me a little. He must have shown in extended spring that his bat is too good to simply stay out of real game action. Hopefully he hits and doesn't just end up in Brooklyn when that season starts.

Thomas Brennan said...

Pedro Perez was not hitting, so if Eudor comes in, he likely will hit and stay with gnats, at least that is my take.

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