The Morning Report 5.13.2015 | Alex Torres Struggling in New Role, Bullpen Weakness Exposed, Lagares Hurt, Tulowitzki Demands Trade?


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Brian Devine | Metsmerized Online-  Despite another wild outing by Alex Torres, Terry Collins doesn’t seem to be losing faith in the Mets enigmatic lefty. Collins says that he will continue to use Torres in high pressure situations.“That’s what he’s here to do,” Collins said. Torres allowed a run and walked three batters during last night’s appearance. However, he prevented further damaged by striking out Jorge Soler with the bases loaded. Collins defended his decision to allow Torres to finish the 6th inning. “Somebody’s got to pitch. I can’t go in the stands and pull somebody out.”

(Chris Soto: Alex Torres has been painfully bad since Jerry Blevins went down with his forearm fracture as he continues to pitch in uncustomary high leverage situations. In his career, Torres has mostly been a low to medium leverage guy where their isn't much pressure and he can maintain his BB rate in the 10-12% range. However in high leverage situations....he's been terrible his whole career as his BB rate skyrockets to 20-22%. Terry needs to start backing off using him in close games cause it is not helping the team.)

Craig Edwards | Fangraphs- The New York Mets have had the ideal scenario thus far, getting a lot of innings from their starters and solid production from their relievers when called upon. Innings are not the only way to overwork a bullpen. Putting extra stress on a few arms can have a negative effect, especially when those arms are the best in the pen. Using the best relievers can mask an overall bullpen deficiency, as the results look good. Pitching out of the bullpen every day can stress relievers and place too much of an emphasis on some relievers at the expense and rust of others. If a manager trusts only a few relievers, he might call on those players too often and wear them out. 

(Chris Soto: This is some good research by the Fangraphs team. The Mets are ranked 8th overall in relief appearances with zero rest due in large part to team's propensity to be in close games which requires the services of Juerys Familia. The Mets OVERALL bullpen is a severe weakness but that weakness is being masked heavily by the rotation's ability to get deep into games and then turn it over to the two most efficient arms in the pen in Carlos Torres and Familia. Outside of those two though the FIP for Gilmartin [5.08], Alex Torres [4.57], Robles [5.40], and Carlyle [5.63] are just terrible.)

Adam Rubin | ESPN New York- Gold Glove center fielder Juan Lagares has a "slight strain" in his right arm pit, manager Terry Collins said. Lagares suffered the injury last Tuesday at Citi Field, when he made a highlight-reel diving catch in left-center on a shot from Baltimore's Everth Cabrera. Lagares underwent an MRI on Tuesday in Chicago. Nothing alarming was detected, according to Collins. "There's no breaks. There's no blood clots," Collins said. "There's no real severe trauma area. It's just been bothering him. If one or two days [off] means he'll be OK, then we'll give him that."

(Chris Soto: This has been my biggest injury fear over the past few weeks. I've been saying that the only reason Kirk Nieuwenhuis is on this team is because he is the only legitimate candidate that can cover CF. Now with Lagares down for a few days, Kirk and his unproductive 37.5% K rate is going to clogged up a spot in the line-up.)

Joel Sherman | New York Post- One of the most vital moments of this season will occur between Troy Tulowitzki and his longtime agent, Paul Cohen. The two will decide whether it is time to ask Rockies management for a trade.“To say that it is not a possibility would be silly,” Cohen told The Post by phone. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why the subject will be renewed now – the Rockies are miserable again and the likelihood of being a contender any time soon is not strong.
Tulowitzki was described as frustrated with four straight losing seasons and wants out, according to two people who know him well. 

(Chris Soto: Here we go folks.....the trade rumors are going to fly around once again...Except this time rather than teams forcing the issue on the Rockies....it'll be Tulowitzski himself pushing the Rockies. This small detail could have massive effects on both his "true" availability as well as the asking price. Early thoughts is that it will require at least a Top young SP prospect, a replacement at SS, and a mid-level bat in order to acquire Tulowitzki. In my opinion...if your the Mets....your still in 1st place and you have a legitimate shot of making the playoffs....you HAVE to go get him. Offer a package of Noah Syndergaard, Gavin Cecchini, and Dominic Smith and get it done.)


Michael S. said...

No way. Tulo wants out? Offer Flores, Montero, Molina, and another piece. With his age and contract I'm not nearly as in love with the idea of getting him as in previous circumstances. Thor and Matz have been tearing through AAA and he looked good last night. He'll have expected growing pains but he looks like the real deal. With Wheeler's injury, I'd have Thor and Matz as untouchable. Cecchini looks like he's coming into his own now as well. Even if he doesn't stick at SS he looks like he can be an above average 2B and hit near the top of the order. And Smith has practically no value.

Ernest Dove said...

Call me crazy but I think im still not trading thor/matz for anyone.
Tulo probably has this team better then 20-13 right now. But without the solid pitching this year, this team would be lucky to be over .500.
Be it age or financial reasons, I don't see Gee or Colon on the team next year. And there's no guarantee Niese comes back, so thats 3 rotation spots to fill. Not for nothin but Id rather see wheeler, thor and mats filing those holes rather than bowman, pill and whoever is left in upper minors.
Lets wait till wright and tda come back. Lets see of black and/or parnell can finally contribute something for this team, and then re-evaluate the situation in a month or two.

eraff said...

These trades require Top Talent, plus players who will step on the field immediately.

This begins with Syndergaard or Matz.... because the Rocks can't trade Tulo without getting someone's crown jewel back.

It could include Plawecki, Nimmo/Conforto..... get ready to "bleed" if you really want to throw the switch on Tulo.

Thomas Brennan said...

Murphy screwed Thor with his lolligag throw from 3B that Bryant beat out, leading to 18 extra pitches in the 3rd (?) inning. So when got to the 6th on a pressurized 0-0 night, he was kind od gassed. My brother has long wanted Murphy gone. I now agree. Sooner the better. Flores D has also not been good, but he is a kid under pressure. If he had Murph's time in, he'd be a better fielder.

Grandy's vapor lock running into an out in the 4th (?) inning also cut the legs out from under Thor. Thor isn't Harvey, at least yet,but should be good now, based on what I saw.

Christopher Soto said...


I hear what your saying....but this team got to 20-12 WITHOUT syndergaard or matz.

At some point the continued trend of stud SP after stud SP being ready for promotion meets a law of diminishing returns.

If you trade Syndergaard you fill 2 holes (SS and big bat) while still maintaining long term pitching depth.

Matz would the next guy up, Wheeler returns mid June 2016, Molina will probably be dominating AA by that time, and my sleeper Matt Bowman could pull a jacob deGrom and start dominating.

Reese Kaplan said...

Let's see...

Terry Collins is back to his usual ways, overusing a few guys in the pen even when they're not producing. Why bring Alex Torres in for that particular situation? He's done poorly in his past several outings so it was scripted to be a disaster. Again, there is a definition of insanity when you keep trying the same thing over and over again but expect different results.

Next, can we get over the Kirk Nieuwenhuis love affair already? Don't give me the "small sample size" rationalization. He has now had 519 major league ABs and struck out in 181 of them! He's 27 and not likely to improve dramatically. Can we outright him to AAA and (gasp!) run the risk someone else might want him and promote the younger and currently hotter hitting left handed Darrell Ceciliani in his place? He likely can't do much worse.

Has anyone noticed that Wilmer Flores since being moved up first to the 6th spot in the order and now the 5th has now gone 4 for his last 11 and is leading the team in HRs? Coincidence? Perhaps...or perhaps a show of faith that a guy who has been an RBI machine in the minors being entrusted to hit and drive in runs instead of banished to 8th in the lineup with no protection has had some positive impact. Slow learner Terry may have finally seen the light (or gotten a call from brighter baseball minds recommending the change).

While we're talking about the sagacious skipper, what's the love affair once again with Ruben Tejada? I thought Dilson Herrera was brought here to boost the offense? It's kind of hard to do that when you're on the bench. Throw in the fact you paraded out one of your .100 hitting reserves in place of Juan Lagares and it seemed a particularly bad time to play the man whose performance cost him a starting job at SS and at 2B.

Hey, I understand the manager is not in charge of how the players swing the bat or throw the ball, but he does have some control over the wins and losses based upon the decisions made...and it's looking a lot like 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 here lately.

Reese Kaplan said...

I just looked it up...Ceciliani is hitting .341 and has had 7 multi-hit games out of his last 10. Hmmn...a left handed hitting, slick-fielding outfielder with speed...nah, let's stick to Captain Kirk. We've just got to get him going, as Terry would say.

Christopher Soto said...


Well the use of Nieuwenhuis was required.....Lagares is hurt. I'm not sure there is a love affair for Captain K anywhere.....we all dislike him on this team but unfortunately...he's all we have for CF until the front office DFA's him for Ceciliani....which I agree they should do.

Mack Ade said...

Morning girls...

I found myself turning the game off last night for the first time this year. I simply couldn't watch one batter after another swinging at anything that came close to the strike zone.

Christopher is right guys... we all can't keep crying for decent hitting when we only produce decent pitching.

Either Syndergaard or Matz can get the kind of bat this team needs

BOTH of them in two different deals could get two bats.

My first suggestion is with the Cubs... Thor for Baez

Steve from Norfolk said...

I read something (I think it was MLBTR) about Tulo may not be able to stick at SS because of his hip injuries. I'd really hate to trade for him and find us still needing a SS, especially since we'll probably have to include his replacement in any deal.

Mack Ade said...

Steve From Norfolk -

Yes, they did say that in MLBTR about Tulo's hip.

As much as I hate to say it, the Tulo ship may have sailed for BOTH the Mets and Tulo.

Colorado is going to demand too much in return.

Anonymous said...

You're really a fan of Baez, Mack? The guy seems to be pretty putrid in the field, and has huge holes in the swing, just in my opinion seems to be a bust waiting to happen. If anything Baez seems like a guy who is destined to play 3rd since he does have a pretty great arm from reports i've seen.

Mack Ade said...

Anonymous -


'Huge holes in his swing'?

A little harsh for the Cubs top prospect, no?

This is why I try and stay away from this projecting trade game... for every projected trade there will be at least one person that writes in here that the player I'm SUGGESTING the Mets consider trading for... just sucks.

It's also usually someone using the anonymous tag.

Ya know, I'll leave this to Sandy and Company to figure out

Thomas Brennan said...

Skipping trades, assuming Wright is back in 10 to 14 days, I'd like Murphy to then start being shopped.

Dilson will do better, when defense is factored in.

Prove me a fool for bringing this up again, Murph. Go on a tear, and go a week or two without a bonehead play.

I still think Wilmer will be OK. Hopefully, he is just about over any jitters. If not, try Reynolds.

Anonymous said...

No Mack i'm not trying to be harsh or attack something you're saying, sorry if it came off like that. Like I said it was only my opinion of the player and from reading a lot of stuff you post about prospects on here i'm surprised you were a fan of Baez. Baez has had an extremely unsteady glove at SS throughout his career, just the other year i'm pretty sure he committed like 40 something errors over one season, I know it's a minor leaguer working the kinks out but 40, sheesh he really racked them up that year. Not like i' m saying Baez is the most overrated prospect in baseball, but in my opinion if you're trading Thor or Matz for a bat, it should be a guy who can stay at SS, Baez has a big bat no denying that, but it doesn't seem like that bat will stay at the position but will only move off at some point soon.

Just saying Mack but I don't see the need to have that little attack on people under the anonymous tag, since anonymous commenters make up a nice percentage of a site's audience. For some reason i'm unable to comment under the other options.

Michael S. said...

Sandy likes Russell and I hope he keeps after him. I'd wait until wheelers back and deal him before Thor.

Mack Ade said...

Anonymous -

You're right... I should stop attacking the anonymous writers on the site. My bad.

My suggestion on Baez was only based on his bat. And, it was just a suggestion. BTW, he does strike out a hell of a lot.

I'm just tired already this season watching this team produce no support for the pitching staff that I have been waiting years to develop. I know in my heart that, if Wright and d'Arnaud never got hurt, and kept producing .300+ BA results, they would have kept this lineup strengthened up the middle and there would be at least 2-3 more wins on the board.

The 'professional' in me would say take a deep breath and wait out this until the tide turns (luckily every divisional team lost last night)

My apologies for sounding like a rookie fan, but going back to my original point... you're not going to get an additional quality bat on this team without giving up one of your quality pitchers.

TP said...

Tulo is damaged goods right now. Buyer beware.

Anonymous said...

It's all good Mack, not like it changed my opinion of you, big fan of the content you put up on this blog. Just a question though who would you prefer Baez or Russell, considering the deal for either would be for Thor straight up?

Mack Ade said...

Oh, I would take Russell in a heartbeat, but I just didn't think he was available.

But, you know Sandy... he likes to hold out and last night could have been a private showcase for the Cubs brass.

Russell for Thor... yeah, I would do it immediately. Frankly, you most probably get your long term shortstop but also your lead-off hitter.

Stubby said...

The Cubs will not trade Russell--not for anything. Not for Babe Ruth in his prime. So forget about Russell. It will never happen. They also say Castro and Baez aren't going anywhere, but you gotta believe at least one of them can be shaken loose. And, yes, a top flight shortstop is going to cost you Thor. And then some. And, if I'm the Mets, I'd pull the trigger on a Thor for Tulo or Thor for Castro deal in a heartbeat. And I'd probably pull the trigger on a Thor for Baez deal, though I'd have to think about that one a bit. Baez has ungodly power, but he's a free swinger and I'm not sure that's a plus in this line-up. But, yes, Thor's the one with the trade value. So, if you're not prepared to part with him, you're not prepared to make a meaningful deal. You won't get a top flight short stop or a big bat for Colon, Gee, Niese, Murphy, Flores, Montero or all six combined. You just won't.

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