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Comment From Hawk H - People bought into the Mets pretty early so far this year… when do people start buying into the Yankees, who’ve also outperformed projections?

Jeff Zimmerman: The Yankees are generally healthy especially the hitters. Myself and others don’t project them to stay that way.

Paul Swydan: I think Mets fans bought into the Mets. As for the rest of us, I’m not so sure. I know I didn’t. The Yankees, on the other hand, are hard to kill, and while they may have overperformed thus far, they’ll be right in the thick of it. The Mets are only contenders because of who they play, not because of who they are.

Mack – I wish people would stop trying to define this team after one month of play.

Yes, they played very well early and, yes, the NL East isn’t the strongest division in baseball, but the fact still remains that this team remains in first place with a very limited amount of offense and practically no decent defense (other than Juan Lagares).

Would have answered this question like this:

“The Mets play four games against St. Louis this month, plus series against the Pirates, Brewers, and Cubs. Come back at the end of May and ask me this question again.”


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