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I am prefacing this post by saying that these 5 guys are the only mainstays that I see in the lineup this year. I have very little faith in Andres Torres, Josh Thole and Mr. Tejada. I hope I'm wrong but whens the last time the Mets have exceeded expectations....

Without further ado our 2012 New York Met mainstays....

David Wright .324 32 HR 108 RBI's 18 SB (5 Year 80 Million Contract Extension)
Daniel Murphy .308 14 HR 88 RBI  2 SB  (Packaged to the Rays to make way for Reese FINALLY)
Ike Davis   .273  27 HR 101 RBI   5 SB   (ESPN Leader in Top Ten plays)
Lucas Duda  .296 26 HR 87 RBI  1 sb     (League Leader in Outfield Errors)
Jason Bay    .234 8 HR 34 RBI     2sb      (Released mid year to make room for Captain Kirk)

I'm a big believer in the Double D's (T-shirt pending) for the upcoming season. The power, patience and swag that these guys show at the plate instills some type of hope for the upcomng season As much as I want to believe in Jason Bay, I think father time is hovering over him.


Reese said...

You have faith in Wright after three subpar years in a row that he will rebound to the David Wright of old, but you have no faith that the replacement SS who hit .284 last year and over .300 this spring belongs as part of the core player discussion?

It's interesting that you also have Duda with sub-30 home runs. I do applaud the .296 AVG however. He's not a classic all-or-nothing basher like Kingman or Peña.

Why, if Murphy produces as you say would you move him to make room for someone who makes Murphy look like Ironman by comparison?

I think you may have the average a bit low on Davis.

I really doubt they bite the bullet on Bay.

Hobie said...

Not sure what you mean by a "mainstay," Anthony--dismissing Tejeda & Thole and including two guys you dump.

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