I May Be Wrong, But… Mike Pelfrey, R.A. Dickey, Jason Bay


• It sure looks like Big Pelf dodges a bullet Thursday night. Andy Martino reported that there actually was a discussion by Sandy and Company whether or not they should release him. According to Martine, everyone in that meeting that had a uniform on voted to keep him. All I’m hoping out of him is an innings eating SP5. I’d be thrilled with 200 innings and a 4.50 ERA, but only 2012 guys. Only 2012. 

 • It does look like the Mets are pressing forward to structure a multi-year deal for R.A. Dickey. As David Rubin reminded me, he’s a cost efficient clubhouse leader that could stabilize the rotation through the delicate 2013-2014 transition to the kiddies. It makes a lot of sense. 2013 would most probably be Johan Santana, Jon Niese, Dickey, Matt Harvey, and Jeurys Familia. 2014 would be Harvey, Niese, Familia, Zack Wheeler, and Dickey. Makes sense to me. 

 • Jason Bay has 0-RBIs in spring training? You got to be kidding me. This has become such an embarrassment. I guess there’s no other plan than to just play him this season and be done with another bad contract. I really liked this signing. I thought he would be a great addition both with a bat in his hand and in the clubhouse. Your ‘on paper’ 2014 outfield right now is Matt den Dekker, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, and Lucas Duda, with Brandon Nimmo and Gilbert Gomez in the wings. Not enough.


Michael S. said...

I doubt that MDD, Capt. Kirk, and the Dude will be the 2014 OF. At most, 2 of them will be there. MDD has the glove but K's too much...I think his future is on the bench. Over the next 2 years, I think someone from the outside (trade or FA) will be brought in.

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