Message to Fred... Extend David!


Honestly, I pay ZERO attention to the legalities of whats going on with the Mets, Madoff and Wilpon. As the case with many fans, my interest for the Mets lays solely in the on field product. I don't care how much money Fred or Jeff makes because he ain't ever gonna be showing me any of that green. Put a winning product on the field and let it rip. I've been going to Mets game since I was young enough to put on my Mets T-shir, high five Tim Bogar and John Franco on my dash post game around the bases. I've been suckered in with the Alomars, Burnitzs and Vaughns. I've seen the spending gone awry and the little growth in the farm system. I've seen the one bright spot in the past tens years, now residing in sunny Miami. Its time for Mr. Wilpon to open up the checkbook for a proven commodity, somebodies whose won and succeeded in New York. I don't care if the Rockies offer us Drew Pomeranz or the Phillies offer us EVERYBODY in the farm system; I want David Wright to be the face of this franchise for the rest of this decade. They moved the damn fences in for this guy, show him some loyalty and let him continue to be the face that he was brought up here to be. SHOW HIM THE MONEY FRED!


Mack Ade said...

I decided that I'm going to give the Mets the money to pay David for is option year.

Of course, I first have to win the Mega lottery Friday night.

Christopher Soto said...

If I'm Alderson, Im waiting a bit before deciding to extend Wright. He hasnt had a good year in a few. If he rebounds and has a good 1st half then I approach D. Wright's agent during the All-Star break and try to get something done. If he flops, then I let him play out the season and take the draft picks he'll most likely get me.

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