I May Be Wrong, But… Lucas Duda, Sandy on Mets, Zimmerman on Wright, Anthony Carnacchio


• TC said something very important about Lucas Duda

                “I think Lucas Duda is going to be a dynamic talent. Obviously, he is power supreme. I just believe he is getting very comfortable with the fact he is a major league player and he belongs here and he can hit here. He already has shown us he can hit lefties and hit righties, he can hit the ball out of the ballpark. What you’ve seen with some of his home runs is why I think the reconfiguration of Citi Field will be a big difference for him.” 

Comfortably is just one small step behind confident. We’ve talked about this a number of times. You can’t do this pro game without feeling you belong and the introverted Duda seems to be making the conversion. I know spring stats mean nothing, but being in the top 5 for HRs and slugging percentage has to mean something.

 • Sandy Alderson was very candid on his Wednesday conversation on WFAN. I appreciate that both as a writer and a fan. I believe he gave us a blunt, honest future to a team that is going to operate as a team looking to improve through draft picks. He never mentions international signings, which has had the most success within the organization. I specially found his use of the word ‘years’ rather than ‘year about how long R.A. Dickey could help the Mets in the future. He also barely touched on the most important subject, which is covered in the next section.

 • Ryan Zimmerman had some interesting comments on David Wright and the Mets: 

                “They gave him an opportunity, and anytime you’re a loyal person like he is, anyone who gives you an opportunity to come up and treats you well, obviously you would like to be here. He’s a guy that works his butt off and plays the game the right way. Anytime you find players like that, I don’t want to say it’s rare, but he’s a special kind of player. He’s a good player and an even better person. David has worked his butt off and done a lot of things for the Mets and hopefully it will work out." 

Can you think of a better way to begin the climb out of the abyss than to resign David?

 • We have a new writer here at Mack’s Mets. Concordia College’s own Anthony Carnacchio has joined us running, with three posts already filed this week. We can’t have enough great writers here, especially ones that played the game. The 6-0 OF Carnacchio comes out of Archbishop Molloy H.S. and was born in Rockaway, NY. He went on to coach at Dominican College.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh a fellow NYC High School ball player. Welcome good sir.

I love when upstaters boast about being the best player in the county at a Class B school or something....like lol please in NYC EVERYONE plays AA ball. I firmly believe some of the best athletes are in cities like NYC. Unfortunately with a graduation rate hovering around 50% most of them dont make it out of HS.

Welcome Anthony.....and SCREW TOTTENVILLE. (Port Richmond Red Raider)

Christopher Soto said...

Crap that was me stupid anonymous button

Hobie said...

Duda: When I first saw him (Brooklyn 4 or 5 yrs ago) I had this flash of a LHB Greg Luzinski. That image has stuck even when (maybe even especially when) he went 0-32. That would be nice..and he belongs in LF IMO.

A.R. longer term: Others have brought up Hoyt W., and I certainly wouldn’t mind a Dickey, Parnell, Edgin, Mejia BP squad with 2 pitching every other day or so. The question is would R.A. mind?

BTW. I saw that Sean Ratliff got 2 hits the other day. Really rooting for this guy.

Mack Ade said...


Today is a big day for Rat.

Candles are it for his return.

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