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There is one other way to look at the possibility of the 2013 season. What if the Mets did sign both Brian Wilson and Daisuke Matsuzaka to an incentive laden one year contract and lightning was struck twice in a bottle? Would you need upgrades in the outfield if you had these two guys pitching like they did in their prime with what is already on this team? Miracles have happened before. Hell, I remember a team in 1969 that…

There continues to be very little to write about in Met-land, so the subject of Scott Harrison keeps coming up. Forget the dollars being tossed around here and how far apart both parties are. The important thing you need to read here is the fact that Harrison wants this all to come to an end in the next seven days. What this means is we will  neither move on to the next subject or start speculating who he’s going to platoon with in the met outfield. My guess here is Alderson will get his way on a one-year deal, but it’s going to cost him at least $3mil to pull it off.

Adam Rubin reported that P Jenrry Mejia has a 4th option left because his first three happened so young. This does give the Mets the option of keeping him in the AAA rotation for at least the first half of the season and work with him as a starter. Since we’re at it. Leave Jeurys Familia in the rotation also and go 1-2-3- wit Zack Wheeler, Mejia, and Familia u to the all-star break. These are three talented pitchers, two of which may need nothing more than more time to find the zone. The worst case scenario here might be you walk away with two new member of the Flushing pen. Let’s try and remember that less than 18 months ago these were the top two prospects in the organization. You might not want to give up on them yet. Just a thought.

Question - Rank Wheeler, Taillon, S Miller, Gausman, Z Lee, Paxton, A Webster, M Perez.
 Jim Callis‏ @jimcallisBA        -  Top 4 in order: Miller, Wheeler, Gausman, Taillon.

 Rob Castellano's prospect countdown continues with Wuilmer Becerra:

20. OF Wuilmer Becerra - Becerra was the third player acquired from Toronto in the Dickey trade. He is a 17-year-old international free agent, signed by the Blue Jays back in 2011 for the tidy sum of $1.3M -- tied for the largest bonus ever given to an IFA by the Mets to that point (Fernando Martinez, '05). Aside from being considered by many as one of the top righthanded bats in that class, scouts consider him a potential five-tool outfield prospect, featuring plus-plus speed, an advanced offensive feel, and good raw power. Unfortunately, his pro debut was cut short last summer as he was hit in the face with a pitch. However, it's clear that there is a ton of upside here; in fact, some have even opined that Becerra, not d'Arnaud or Syndergaard, could ultimately be the coup of that deal.

So… a star prospect catcher under team control for six years, a potential SP3 also under team control for six years, a much needed backup catcher with pop and a $1.3mil right hand hitting OF prospect I didn’t have to pay the bonus for… all for a 38-year old pitcher. Hell of a deal.


Charles said...

Damn right about the RA trade and yet there's still those out there who rant about it negatively. I know one writer who wrote and wrote and wrote that Sandy was in La La Land thinking he'd get two top prospects for RA. He yapped his head off daily, saying Sandy was misreading RA's market and that no team would ever pay such a high price...

Then, the trade is made and its a whopper for the Mets. 99.9999% of ML executives and writers are amazed and give Sandy the credit he's due for patiently waiting out the market, letting the big FAs get signed, and then pulling off the heist. That writer is awfully quick to pat himself on the back for predicting the most obvious and yet not man enough to just wipe the egg off his face and Just give Sandy some credit. Basically, he's a dick of epic proportions.

Mack, The RA trade was a no brainer for the Mets in their position. You see it and anyone with half a brain would too.

Mack Ade said...

I just admit my errors. Much of what I do is speculation, which always leads to a lot of things that don't happen the way you want them to.

Charles said...

Which is the professional way to go about it.

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