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Mets wise, the team seems set for years to come with Ruben Tejada. He had a great year in 2012 (.289) and will play 2013 as only a 23-year old. Nothing is going to change here for many years. Current injury relief, pending changes from camp, is Justin Turner.

There is a considerable amount of depth here, which is currently rare for a positional player these days.

Wilfredo Tovar (2012 – Bing/St.L: 411-AB, .270) will most probably start most of the games in Las Vegas. He’s comfortably on the 40-man and the organization’s top defensive infielder will be ready for any emergency work needed in Flushing. Also on the roster is recently added Brandon Hicks (2012 – AAA: .244, 18-HR, 61-RBI, .856-OPS  MLB: .172) who is rumored to be early favorite for a utility job in Flushing. You have to take a send look at those 18 home runs, especially from someone that can play all three infield positions.

Binghamton should go to T.J. Rivera, who was a pleasant surprise in 2012 (Sav - .333, St.L - .306). His backup will most probably be the recently re-signed Josh Rodriguez who should hold down one of the AA UT slots.

Now comes the draft picks…

My guess is Phillip Evans (2012 – Brooklyn: .252) will play St. Lucie and Gavin Cecchini (2012 – Kingsport: .246) goes to Savannah. Backups should be Brandon Brown (2012 – SAV: .222) and Ismael Tijerna (2012 – SAV: .137).

There will be a number of shortstops that will remain back in extended camp. They are: Richie Rodriguez, Jorge Rivero, Anthony Chavez, Leon Canelon, Alfredo Reyes, and Ahmed Rosario. Reyes and Rosario will most probably be assigned to the DSL teams.


This is what you are looking for in an organization. A young star in the majors, a couple of qualified AAAA players ready for the call, and a couple of quality high draft picks being molded. In addition, Rosario projects out as a future MLB starter.

Mets:  B+
Organization:  A-


Michi L. said...

If Tejada works on his baserunning and steal about 10 bases per year I have no problem with him at SS for the next few years!!

Herb G said...

Nice to see some real organizational depth at a critical position. It will be interesting to see if Rivera can replicate his success of last season, making the sometimes difficult transition to AA. I wouldn't be surprised if Cecchini stays in Brooklyn, at least to start the season, while Matt Reynolds gets playing time in Savannah. Wilpon loves to showcase players he feels will be future stars in Brooklyn.

Mack, do you think Chad Zurcher will be ready to play to start the season? He missed all of 2012 due to injury. He played SS in Kingsport in 2011 and hit a decent .283 with a .386 OBP, but I think they have him slotted to play 2B from here on.

Mack Ade said...

I don't know about Zurcher but I did spend some quality tie with Reynolds last year and he's a team player that will play where asked.

He told me his natural position is 3B.

Herb G said...

Right now, Reynolds is on Savannah's roster as a SS, but they do not show anyone at 3B. Maybe Matt will play more 3B in Savannah this year. Then again, I don't think they've addressed roster shifts yet, so Matt could go elsewhere or play either position.

Unknown said...

I love the organizational depth the Mets have at SS. I can see the Mets dealing Torvar if the right offer comes along, especially after the Didi Gregorius deal.

I would not consider Tejada a superstar but he will definitely be a solid regular and a fixture of the future.

I think that one of Evans or Cecchini will eventually be the second basemen of the future.

The person who I am really excited about is Rosario. He is a big bonus prospect and I hope he can develop into a top hitting prospect who can hopefully stick at short. I think best case for Rosario would be Xander Boegarts from the Red Sox.

Mack Ade said...

the secret to baseball is to sign and draft "middle players"... catcher, pitcher, second base, shortstop, and center fielders... this is where your 5-tool players are

everyone in the DR dreams of playing SS so every top prospect down there is a SS... they can easily be moved around

Unknown said...

Which I think has been the Mets emphasis under Alderson. Rosario, Cecchini, Evans, Plawecki and Nimmo. Along with the addition of D'arnaud, the Mets have really put a premium on adding up the middle talent. Hopefully this strategy, the Mets can be strong up the middle and if all breaks right, have a surplus of prospects here to fill other holes either via trade or position changes.

Mack Ade said...

the 2011 and 2012 draft are quite different for Mets fans. Sandy and Company are supposed to be experts on high school seniors, not Latin 16-year olds like Omar...

It's going to take until 2015 for us to see how these two draft work out.

To be honest, I'm not that thrilled so far with thr results but it is far to early to judge them, especially the kids that arrived last year after their high school graduation.

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