Scott Hairston, David Wynn, Noah Syndergaard


P Pat Misch was signed to a minor league contract by the Detroit Tigers.

The list of available outfielders continue to dwindle. Charles Thomas signed a minor league contract with Kansas City. Ben Francisco signed a minor league contract with Cleveland. Philadelphia signed a one-year deal with Delmon Young and David Murphy avoided arbitration and signed a one-year deal with his current club, Texas. There aren’t that many more outfielders left out there that could help strengthen the case for Scott Hairston’s agent. It seems to me that all that’s left to do here is to give him a nice raise for 2013 and get on with it.

Continuing our series on the ‘Class of 2012’, David Wynn represents a dark horse. Wynn came out of American Christian College and signed with the Mets undrafted. The school went 10-41 in Wynn’s last year there (2011) and his senior stats were: 5-5, 7.14, 80.2-IP, 110-K, 43-BB. The only thing we can figure was the K/9 ratio that attracted some unknown Mets scout to sign this relatively small (5-10) lefty. It turned out he threw in the 85-88 range and his go-to pitch turned out to be the curve. Anyway, so far, so good after a 2012 Cyclones stat line of: 21—G, 0-1, 1.44, 1.00, 25.0-IP, 21-K, 13-BB. Observation: Twenty-one games in Brooklyn should earn him a shot in Savannah, though most guys with these limited abilities don’t go much higher. We will; however, be rooting for him.

Jim Callis‏ @jimcallisBA
 Very close. Prefer Syndergaard. @psltoflushing: how big of a difference between Aaron Sanchez and Syndergaard for you?

Ashley Mitchell (http://www.milb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20120517&content_id=31566448&fext=.jsp&vkey=news_milb&tcid=tw_share  wrote a great story about Noah Syndergaard last May... click on link to read it.

More good old school Synder shit fro Mike Newman/2009: http://www.rotoscouting.com/darnaud-travis-2009.html 


Justin M. said...

Syndergaard > Sanchez? My appreciation for the Dickey trade continues to grow.

Reese said...

I can't believe how asleep at the switch Alderson has been. Granted, Delmon Young fields like a DH and needs his very own anger management coach, but come one, $750K for a guy who averages 89 RBIs and a .289 average and we're getting our panties in a wad over Scott freakin' Hairston for 4 or more times that amount of money?

Charles said...

Reese, after his arrest in NY for a hate crime, he could've offered to play for free and the mets wouldn't touch him. And I agree with them on that.

Mack Ade said...

Thomas Neal signed by Yankees

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