Kip Wells, Frank Francisco, 2014 Draft, $1 for Facebook Post?


The Mets are interested in signing RHP Kip Wells to a minor league contract, reports Evan Drellich of MLB.com.

Kip Wells?  Is this the same Kip Wells that has a lifetime 4.71-ERA while giving up 635-BB and 151-HR in 1338.1-IP? And, he only produced 963-Ks. Wells would pitch 2013 as a 36-year old and went 4.58 last year for San Diego. He’s consistent ff he’s one thing.
I know I keep playing the same song, but, if 2013 is the set-up year for 2014 (which looks like the beginning of a new era for the Mets) than why not pitch Jenrry Mejia so we can see what we have?

If not, fine… but at least sign someone that had an ERA below 4.00 later than 2003.

Dan Martin  wrote:

Sandy Alderson isn’t making any promises about making any significant additions before Opening Day, but he also didn’t give a ringing endorsement of Frank Francisco as the Mets’ closer this season. When asked yesterday if he was confident in Francisco going forward finishing games, the Mets general manager paused before answering. “Confident? I’m willing,” Alderson said. “There’s still a lot out there and we’re looking.”

You’d like to think that the back end of the Mets bullpen is set with Francisco and Bobby Parnell; however, regardless how well he does, Francisco is gone come 2014. I’d like to think that the future closer could come from the organization and we need to keep an eye on pitchers like Jenrry Mejia, Jeurys Famila, Ryan Fraser, Jeff Walters, Adam Kolarek, and Jack Leathersich. These are the pitchers that have the chance to make the 2014 pen.
For the record, Fernando Cabrera led Buffalo with 22 saves, while Robert Carson led a bunch of guys in Binghamton with nine.

I don’t have to remind you that there is very little going down regarding the Mets these days. I used to have five different subjects in my 8am post every day. I’m now down to four and that’s getting hard to even do. I also write for www.bigleaguefutures.com which is draft related. I’ve been working on the upcoming draft and talking to some of the pundits out there regarding which team will do what and the word is that the 2014 draft is going to be an outstanding one for pitchers. Remember what I said.

What just happened?  I was sending one of the baseball prospects a message on Facebook and when I clicked on “send” it asked me if I wanted to proceed for the cost of $1. Is sending a message on Facebook a money making venture now? Did I miss the memo? And, since it was being sent to an amateur baseball player, does this violate his amateur status (just kidding)? Of cource I didn’t send the buck so I have no idea if the money would have gone to Facebook or the person I was emailing. Can someone explain what this is all about?


Herb G said...

I absolutely love the depth of our organization in the bull pen. Mack, you can't count Josh Edgin out as a potential closer of the future. Armando Rodriguez is also someone who could step up to close games.

And although they may not be closer material, we have a wealth of quality arms in waiting. I am excited about guys like Bennett, Morel, Chism, Bradford, Vanderheiden, and Yanez. Although it's too small a sample to say anything definitive, Logan Taylor, Paul Sewald and Matt Bowman should be watched. As if that's not enough, we have a glut of high quality, young starters, all of whom can't make the rotation. Some will surely be traded, but some will also be converted to relievers. We are going to have a lock down bull pen in a couple of years.

Despite Fernando Cabrera's 22 saves to lead Buffalo last year, you can be that he won't get a single save for Las Vegas this year. He was just signed to a minor league contract by the Angels.

Mack Ade said...

we're going to have to give Sandy and Company at least another year to judge the pen kids he drafted the past two years.

Herb G said...

Some could be knockin' on the door this year, though. I'm thinking that Armando Rodriguez could be this year's Josh Edgin. And Gonzalez Germen, although 90% of his minor league games have been as a starter, could break into the pen at Citi this year. Similarly, I see Gorski more effective as a reliever than a starter, and he is ready to break through now. Lastly, a couple of starters who have lost some lustre, Angel Cuan and Yohan Almonte, could be converted to relievers. March should be a very interesting month down in St. Lucie this year.

Mack Ade said...

let's discuss this in 'The War Room' today

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