Soto - Coming SOON- Mack's Mets Top 25 Prospects of 2013


This will be a collective efforts by Mack and all of our writers. We will take into account any fan feedback so please feel free to leave us comments on who you think should be included in the list and who shouldn't. 

The series will start and run throughout the month of February so stay tuned....


Michi L. said...

I really like Tomas Nido! He has raw power and is very young + hes a catcher. The top 25 are maybe a reach but i think hes worth to keep an eye on him. I hope he will play for the cyclones and will get the majority of the playing time..

On the piching i really like Marcos Camarena. He wont blow u away but i think he could be a very nice bullpen arm even maybe a closer. I think in a system without that depth of pitching he would get more attention

Michi L. said...

By the way...great idea

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