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I love being consistent which means I should have a morning report every… err… morning.  There just isn’t that much out there right now.

Look for some deals to come down this week. Arbitration figures are exchanged if deals aren’t in place by Friday.

Ex-Met OF Adam Loewen signed a minor league deal with Toronto.

The Mets did decide to send five of the kids to the big guys clubhouse for spring training. They are pitchers Rafael Montero and Cory Mazzoni, catcher Juan Centeno, IF Josh Satin and CF Matt den Dekker. All I could do is speculate why these five guys and not others, but for sure I can say they always need a bunch of catchers warming up the 4-6 pitchers that pitch every game, and the Mets brass loves den Dekker defensively in center. In fact, this is the second year he will play there during the spring. The Mets may be trying to decide what to do with Satin and Mazzoni, who could be trying out for a pen slot. As for Montero, it just may be showing off.

I worked last night so I missed the news about Lance Armstrong. We all knew this was true, but we accepted that it was okay to lie about something until you are caught dead to rights. I’ve done that and, probably, so have you. That’s human nature. I don’t respect or agree with what Armstrong did, I just admit that I’ve lied before until I was caught with my hand in the cookie jar. What are we supposed to do with this information now? Did Oprah gain anything on her failing network? Will Armstrong get a reality show on the same channel as that Pete Rose garbage? And why am I writing about this shit on a Mets Blog?

Well, I get a lot of the guys that also read me at www.bigleaguefutures.net  click on me over here when they see me post a link on Twitter. These are the high school junior and seniors that will become eligible for the draft come this June and a year from now.

This is for you, guys.

There is a good chance that someone is going to tell you some day that they have something you can either rub on or ingest that will help you either heal or make you a better baseball player. You may check and it could even be currently sold over the counter at some gym or "nutrition" store in a local strip mall.

Everything that got many of these sports stars in trouble wasn't illegal when they took it. That famous jar of Andro that was in Mark McGuire's locker during that infamous interview was bought legally in a store at the mall.

You need to decide right now how you are going to approach this game and I have one suggestion for you... don't put anything in or on your body that is on the banned substance list that is updated almost daily.

You can find that at:  http://www.usada.org/prohibited-list/?gclid=CNuDwZOZ6rQCFQWonQodZkUACg .

Make sure you check back every time some hot shot trainer, 'handler', or 'friend of a friend' tells you they heard of a new cure for something that hurts you. The list constantly is updated.

Oh yeah... I'm sorry... I said I only had one more thing and there is another.

If you don't follow my advise, and you cheat and you chose to go down the same path as guys like Armstrong and lie about it until you get a national gig like the Oprah show, well, I guess all I can say at this point is shame on you. No one is going to take away the big house Armstrong currently lives in or the $300mil he supposedly is still worth. This is a matter of conscience guys and all I can tell you is the good guys always expose the bad guys in the end.

If all you take away from this is what I now write, please remember this... it's what you do at the most successful times of your life that will determine how people remember you. If you want that legacy to be full of friends and relatives, play life straight, don't lie to your loved ones, and keep your God close to your heart.


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