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This gets interesting. The New York Cosmos were rumored to be the 20th team in the MLS, it was also assumed they would then play in Flushing Meadows on land owned and operated by the Wilpon family. Now, a new story has developed that the club has proposed a brand new sports complex a la Camden Yards, in the town of Elmont. So much for a New York team being the 20th team in the MLS, meaning so much for a Wilpon windfall.  Read all about it : NYP .

Ike Davis, Daniel Murphy and Bobby Parnell have all filed for arbitration. Salary figures get exchanged on Friday.

            Players become eligible for arbitrations after playing at least three seasons, but not more than six. In addition, there are “Super 2” players who’s usual cutoff is 2-yrs, 128-days. They also must have 86 days the previous season. Lastly, players that have filed for free agency can file for arbitration if both the club offers it and the player goes along with the process.

            Teams must make an offer to players under thei control by December 12th, unless it is a player that has filed for free agency. Then, the club must offer him arbitration by December 1st. If the free agent accepts it by December 7th, he goes back on the roster

            Teams must offer a player at least 80% of what they made the previous year, or 70% of the average of the past two years.

            Now the fun begins. The team and the player each submits a salary figure to a 3-person panel in January (that’s now). All cases are heard between Feb 1-20. Both parties will try to work things out, but, if they don’t it will go to a hearing. Bother sides get an hour to argue their point and 30 minutes to rebut what the other party said. After the arguments are heard the panel gives the player a one year non-guaranteed contract at either the high figure or the low. If that player is cut within 16 days of the season opener he is entitled to just 30 days termination pay. If he is cut during spring training, but after 16 days before the season opener he is entitled to 45 days termination pay.

I see that Scott Hairston asked the Mets for a 2-yr, $8mil contract. He has to out of his fucking head, though the Mets might be the only club stupid enough to do that. No, I take that back, The Nats will sign anybody. Rafael Soriano for $28mil? What you talking about, Willis? Getting back to Hairston, I’d tell him to stick it and go to camp with what they have, though it does look like less than nothing. At least Kirk Nieuwenhius and Lucas Duda will get the major playing time needed to determine if they really are major league starters.

Mets equipment bus is on the way to St. Lucie. 


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