Mack Ade - Trust Me, I Won’t Run In Your Mouth


I’m going to try and get through a morning report without the mention of Michael Bourn… aw, shit.

Major League Baseball has told the Mets that they have to first sign Bourn before the league would consider changing the current system that dropped the Mets to the 11th pick when the Pirates failed to sign P Mark Appel. Is this fair? Well, it doesn’t matter. In this case, rules are rules and every team knew this when well before they produced the 2012 W-L record.

The Mets did have the 10th worst record and I think the Pirates deserve having a compensation pick this high, but the original ten teams with the worse win-loss records shouldn’t be penalized because someone decided not to live in Pittsburgh.

I’ve been on my pro-Bourn high horse lately but it took Soto to point out to me the loss of signing money that would also be created here with a Bourn signing. Let’s face it, the system needs more top players and the Mets do have two second round picks that they are going to need money to sign.

I think this whole topic has become a moot point. You can’t sign a Scott Boras client on a good day, no less the day before the league rules on the decision you need before the signing. That’s crazy and, in New York, could be baseball suicide.

There are going to be 3-4 great college junior outfielders available with the 11th pick, all of which could finish 2013 with Savannah, play St. Lucie/Binghamton in 2014, and possibly ETA in 2015. Stanford’s Austin Wilson might still be around and represents the best all-around player out there. Fresno State’s Aaron Judge will be available and he has monster power. Samford’s Phil Ervin has both power and defensive skills.

Other teams do this. 2011 draft pick, OF George Springer, finished 2012 at AA and will make it to Houston sometime this year. Ditto Mikie Mahtook for Tampa and Brian Goodwin for Washington. Thhis is done every day if you start off with picking someone out of college, not a high schooler with a 5-year ETA (BTW, two of those guys were available when the Mets picked #13 that year).

There could be a plane taking off in Las Vegas around July 1st with Travis d’Arnaud, Zack Wheeler, Jenrry Mejia, George Springer, Courtney Hawkins… aw, stop it Mack…


Herb G said...

I really like Judge or Ervin with that #11 pick. Both seem to have the speed to play a credible CF at the major league level, with above average power for that position. I'd be excited to see Sandy & Co. pick either one in the first round. Lets look for a satisfactory alternative to Micheal Bourn between now and P&C.

TheCloser said...

Addison Russell, Andrew McCutchen, Neil Walker, Jay Bruce, Jered Weaver, Max Scherver, Phillipe Aumont, Justin Smoak, Yasmani Grandal, George Springer are some of the players that have been taken at the #11 & #12 spots of the draft in the last few years. Clearly the talent I'd available at the #11 slot, I don't think anyone is denying that a future all star player is possible with the #11 pick, but as mentioned earlier, the forfeiture of the draft money for the for the remaining picks is what really will hurt our future more. I say if we can't block the loss of the 1st round pick, I'd prefer to just take our chances going into the season with what we have or making a small trade/minor league pickup. Maybe we can throw some money at Ellsbury next year to lock up CF for years to come.

Michael S. said...

To be fair on Springer, I believe the Mets would have and wanted to take him in 2011. Unfortunately Houston picked ahead of them.

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