Matthew Silva - Mets interested in Brian Wilson

An obvious weakness of the New York Mets is their bullpen. Aside from relievers like Bobby Parnell and possibly Josh Edgin, there is little to be optimistic about the Mets relief situation and normally, if a situation is about to get a little more hairy, its a bad thing. However, this may be the exception to that rule.

The New York Mets have reportedly shown a lot of interest in former San Francisco Giants closer, Brian Wilson. Sandy Alderson watched Wilson pitch on Saturday in a private workout and it seems that New York could become a place that "The Beard" calls home.

Wilson was non-tendered by the Giants this off season after undergoing his second Tommy John surgery. He will reportedly be ready to pitch at the start of the season.

This could be a very good signing for the Mets for a number of reasons. Wilson is a veteran closer who has the mentality and the ability to become a huge factor coming out of the pen and the Mets are a team that would be able to offer him closing duty. Frank Francisco is serviceable at best and does not give any Mets fans a feeling of security with the ball in his hands. It would take one small stretch of mistakes from Francisco  for a change to be called for and Wilson would be the perfect fit to the role.

The three-time All Star has collected over 35 saves in his last four seasons for the Giants and knows how to handle the pressures of the ninth inning.

Wilson is also quite the personality and could help fill seats at Citi Field with "Fear the Beard" lovers in a season that might find spectators lacking. Some might remember his commercial spots with Taco Bell and his tuxedo body-suit from the ESPY's. This guy knows how to have fun, but it is reassuring to know that when he takes his spot on the mound, he is all business.

The addition of Wilson is also believed to make it easier for the Mets to add Bobby Parnell in trade proposals for Justin Upton

Wilson obviously comes with risk. He is a power pitcher and it is unknown how effective he can be if his stuff does not equal what it was in previous years. There is also the risk of another injury. The last thing the Mets want is to pay a relief pitcher to sit on the disabled list all year.

Wilson is reportedly seeking a deal similar to Ryan Madson's. That would place him somewhere around 3 million with additional incentives.

Should the Mets sign Brian Wilson? Should the NL East get ready to "Fear the Beard"? Give us your thoughts.


jonah said...

At 3 million with Incentives I wouldnt mind.

Anonymous said...

In short......Yes.

Michael S. said...

I don't see a reason not to.

Michi L. said...

I just want to buy a Wiilson jersey

Mack Ade said...

writes a great song...

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