Draft 13 – Jake Jarvis, Tyler Thompson, Dustin Hagy, Jonathan Denney


  • I know that we are still around six months away from the 2013 draft, but I had the opportunity to talk to one of 2014’s rising stars.

  • Klein Collins High School (Texas) RHP Jake Jarvis has already made a name for himself as a sophomore (0.91-ERA) while putting up an impressive scouting stat line for PG (88-90, 92 FB, 72-CB, 84-CH, 88-IF throw, 7.19-60). I asked him: “you’re a high school junior and this isn’t your year. What are you doing now to maximize your junior year so the phones start ringing this time next year.

  • Jake answer made sense: “This year is just like any other year it’s my year to play the ball I play. I have to work harder than everyone else and be a step ahead so I can throw harder, be faster, and be smarter at the plate (also plays 2B). I just want to play the game to the best of my ability and go as far as I can and I know I have to out work as hard as I can to do that.”

  • A sad story out of Gainsville, Florida.

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