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The Mets second baseman is Daniel Murphy. Ruben Tejada would be the most talented backup, but he’s busy enough at short. For now, Justin Turner remains the first backup, Jordany Valdespin next in line, and Brandon Hicks was signed to stir up the soup in spring training. All of these guys can’t break camp come April 1st, so we’ll have to wait and see.

In one sense, everyone is on Reese Havens alert. He finally played healthy in 2012, but played badly (AA – 325-AB, .215). He should play AAA in 2013… hell, he should have played  it in 2011… but did he earn it? The Mets recent signing of Omar Quintanilla, who played exclusively at second in 2012 for the Orioles, is the insurance policy needed in case Havens goes in the tank again.

The rest of the full season team’s starters seem to have fallen into place. Danny Muno (St.L: 289-AB, .280) will play Binghamton (backed up by Rylan Sandoval), Yucarybert De La Cruz (SAV: 200-AB, .195) should start in St. Lucie, and J.C. Gamboa (Brooklyn: 140-AB, .186) will elevate to Savannah.

Observation:  Havens was supposed to be the future here. Now it’s probably last year’s number one draft pick, SS Gavin Cecchini. Murphy will hold the fort down until something better comes along, which could be awhile.

Mets:  B-

Organization: C+


David Groveman said...

How excited should we be about Valdespin's new tendency to walk during offseason baseball?

Anonymous said...

Mack....I'm more inclined to say that Philip Evans is the organization's true top 2B prospect. His range and arm are graded to be average at best but with his contact potential he could very well be moved to 2B.

Everyone seems to agree that Cecchinni is a more natural SS then Evans and will prob stick there.

Mack Ade said...

my contacts in Florida... which are solid... say that Evans projects out as a utility infielder at best.

Hope they are wrong though...

Anonymous said...

Even so....I dont see Cecchinni moving off SS....does that make Tovar the org top 2B?? Completely forgot about him may have to edit my Top 25

Mack Ade said...

Everyone in the organization has Tovar as the top dedensive middle fielder in the organization

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