Mack - Curtis Granderson NL Sping Breakout Candidate


Curtis Granderson, NYM
9.4 K%, 18.9 BB%, 0-for-2 SB, 8.6 OppQual
2012 feels like so long ago. Not a breakout candidate as much as he is a comeback candidate, Granderson and his batting average are hard to endure now that the power has waned, but a big reduction in strikeouts could make his 20-homer power (or more?) a lot more tolerable. He had already significantly improved his strikeout rate prior to the spring (28.2 K% in 2013, 21.6 K% in 2014), and it’s possible the improvement hasn’t stopped. He’s 34, so I understand any reluctance you might have to buy what the Grandy Man is selling, but a return to a slightly lesser version of his 2010 self — 20 HR, 10 SB, .250 — would not shock me, and it would certainly make him relevant again, even as a lower-end option in standard mixed leagues.

Mack - Yeah, I know this is a fantasy baseball evaluation, but I though you'd like to read the positive press being laid down on the Candy Man.



Thomas Brennan said...

I think all these guys are really scared to look too optimistic..."how could you be so dumb as to project grandy at .265 with 25 HRs?"

If Grandy does just 20 HR, 10 SB, .250 in 2015, that is barely more than 2014, and his 2015 spring was SO MUCH BETTER in every respect that spring 2014, that it is hard to envision only so slight an improvement over a 2014 where he hit .140 in April.

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