Mack - Murphy, Reynolds, Herrera, Montero, Mejia


Comment From Marco
Deep league MI stuff here, but I’m curious as to your thoughts on the Dilson Herrera timetable. Any chance Murphy is moved at the deadline?, and does Matt Reynolds also pose a threat to Herrera PA’s in 2015?
Eno Sarris: yes Murphy is as good as gone for me, and I’m okay with it because his D isn’t going to play at second much longer and his bat isn’t great at first or third. Herrera has to be ahead of Reynolds if only because Reynolds still in the mix at short.
Comment From Vslyke
Any deep SP picks put themselves on your radar either through results or jobs opening? Looking for really deep guys here – think guys that weren’t on your Top 100.
Eno Sarris: Nate Karns got the job and I bet they find a way to give Rafael Montero the job in New York
Comment From Optimetstic
T-shirt launcher to your head, who will be the Mets closer on May 1st, Mejia or Parnell?
Eno Sarris: Mejia

Mack - I was asked recently on a Metsmusings Q and A radio show if I thought that Daniel Murphy would finish the 2015 season as a Met. Actually, I do, because I also expect the Mets to be playing in the NL Wild Card game and Murphy represents the best second baseman they currently have on the team. So no, I don't expect the Mets to try and deal him off during the season simply because, for the first time in many years, the team is in a pennant race and they need the best players they can put on the field.

That being said, I do feel that Dilson Herrera is the future long term second baseman for this team, as early as opening day 2016. 

His offense is impressive. His past three seasons in the minors translates to a combined stat line of .295/.355/.458/813. He also has increased his power each year... 8 home runs in 2012, 11 in 2013, and 16 last year. He also knocked in 82 runs last season for the combined teams of St. Lucie, Binghmaton, and the Mets.

And, he was only 20 years old.

In the end, this could wind up to be Sandy Alderson's best trade as General Manager.



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