Baseball America - 2014 Mets Signings


- SS Kenny Hernandez ($1,000,000): gained 15-20 pounds since signing (now at 6'2, 185), swing one of the nicest of the class, 15+ HR potential, below average speed, defense behind offense at this point, most likely a second or third baseman, advanced enough to start stateside but will likely play in DSL this year

- SS Yoel Romero ($300,000): defensive-oriented SS, good agility and fielding instincts, fringy-average arm and speed, has some gap power

- SS Edgardo Fermin ($250,000): physically underdeveloped (6', 145), short and quick swing, more skills than raw tools, good contact skills, ability to control the strike zone, below average speed, fringy arm, #grit

- OF Tulio Garcia ($140,000): signed despite torn labrum in shoulder due to high offensive potential, strong bat speed, understands the strike zone well, can hit for average and power, profiles as a corner outfielder

- LHP Daniel Guzman ($140,000): velocity has increased to mid-upper 80s since signing, curveball and changeup solid for his age

- RHP Jhoander Chourio ($130,000): only 5'10, fastball sits 87-91 and touches 92, curveball better than changeup

- SS Cecilio Aybar ($251,000): 70 runner, 60 arm, good bat speed, free swinger, inexperienced and raw

- SS Hansel Moreno ($50,000): possible bargain, outstanding athlete, plus speed, smooth hands, flashiness at SS, 60+ arm, switch hitter, still can fill out frame and improve at plate (6'3, 170)

Mack - Hernandez is the prospect here and I'm sure we will see him on one of the DSL teams this season.


Stephen Guilbert said...

Heck based on the write-ups, Moreno sounds like one to watch.

I've long been burned by hyping the highest dollar signs in a class. Sometimes they seem to be good investments (Rosario) and a lot of the time they turn out not to be what the scouts thought. After all, they're scouting these kids when they're 14 and 15 years old before signing them at age 16. I love that we've turned a bunch of five and six figure kids into potential stars. The Yankees organization just spent 12 million in one off-season signing the supposed best in class. I'd rather better scouts and prudent spending and the Mets have had exactly that.

Whether it's Moreno at 50k or Hernandez for 1 million I don't much care as long as this international talent continues to complement the talent we're getting from the draft to keep our system in the top 10 in baseball even after trades and promotions take out the top guys in the system. That is how you sustain success and that is how the Cardinals have not only been relevant but quite good for the past decade plus.

Mack Ade said...

You are right.

All we are trying to do here is find 25 players out of all the guys drafted, signed out of the Latin streets, traded for, or signed in free agency.

One great international signing a year would be wonderful

Stephen Guilbert said...

It would. That's what I look for in every draft as well. Ideally for me out of every draft you have one star, one regular and one bench piece. As long as you do that, you'll always have an elite farm system and a strong team. It's so tough to do, though. Mastering the Latin market fills in the gaps you miss with the amateur draft.

One area I hope the Mets can start looking more closely is Columbia. It's clear there is great talent there but it's just not as high profile as the DR, Cuba, Venezuela or Japan. We're seeing the talent there, though. Perhaps the Mets can be a frontier team there and open up an academy like they have in the DR.

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