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My good buddy, Brain Joura, over at Mets 360, printed his yearly predictions for the Mets. The 2015 version included the broken record that I agree with him on:

                             14. The Mets will trade for Troy Tulowitzki

There’s two things we can all agree to when we talk about Tulo. One, he’s the top shortstop in the National League (probably the majors)… and two, it would take quite a package of players to work out a trade for his services.

The 2015 version of the New York Mets have already developed the kind of depth that would allow them to make this kind of trade and not hurt the nucleus of their core team.

Yes, it is going to probably cost the services of either Noah Syndergaard or Steven Matz, but this is what top prospects do best. They create a top trade even before they have pitched one single inning in major league ball.

The Mets have a number of shortstop prospects (Matt Reynolds, Gavin Cecchini, Amed Rosario, Luis Guillorme, Alfredo Reyes, Milton Ramos) that could be built into this deal. Also, let’s not forget Wilmer Flores who would basically be out of a job if Tulowitzki becomes a Met. The Mets could easily afford to offer up two of these guys, one that’s major league ready (Flores or Reynolds) and another for the future (Rosario).

My guess is a deal like this would take at least another top starter prospect… someone like Marcus Molina, Rob Whelan, or Casey Meisner. I know… I don’t want to lose Molina either, but we are talking about the top shortstop in baseball.

So, my deal:

Colorado gets:      RHSP Noah Syndergaard, SS Wilmer Flores, SS Amed Rosario, and RHSP Marcos Molina

Mets get:               SS Troy Tulowitzki

Yes, the Mets minor league talent level would be severely lowered, but the parent team would instantly become a pennant contender. 


Ernest Dove said...

Who originally started all the Tulo to Mets rumors?
Isn't he their David Wright?
Even if they didn't start this year 4-0!!!! , I'd assume they still don't want to trade their franchise player.

Thomas Brennan said...

After last nite (was out, saw replay of Flores' 2 hoorrific throws for errors) Tulo sounds wonderful.

Charles said...

I wouldn't do that deal. It's been 4 games and Flores needs 40 before any judgments are made. Even if Tulo is on the table, I still wait just to see if he himself is healthy and actually the best SS in the game.

Also, that's too much talent to give up right there. Rosario is the one I'd have problems dealing at this point. I think his potential alone keeps him out of that deal. I'd put Jrena in instead.

Mack Ade said...

Tulo is one of those guys you can always write about...

Steve from Norfolk said...

I'm leery about trading for a SS with hip problems. I guess if it slows him down (I figure 2 years before that happens - if it happens), he could move to 2B or 1B. If that happened, is he still worth it? Just a hypothetical, as is the trade.

Mack Ade said...

I'm different than you guys... I actually want the best shortstop on my team

Steve from Norfolk said...

So do I. My question is, how long will he be that guy? I mean, if he takes us to one World Series, his salary is paid for just from the extra BIS (butts in seats) factor. Martinez was worth his salary just for the credibility he brought the team, even though he couldn't really pitch by the end of his contract. Santana was worth it, both for what he did on and off the field. We really only missed what Gomez became from that trade. I asked the question mainly to get other people's feelings. Yours are very clear. I , for myself have feelings along the same line. Tulo would take us from a possible contender for the WC with a question mark to a definite pennant contender, and definitely relevant again. It would be the Hernandez/Carter trades rolled into one. But the question about his long term health does need to be asked.

Mack Ade said...


I'm watching game 5 against Atlanta and I don't see this offense any different than the last few years.

Roll the dice.

Anonymous said...

I love Tulo and would be very, very excited to see him join the Mets. It would be a Piazza-type move.

We can quibble about the cost -- I have no attachment to Syndergaard, but would hate to give up Molina, for example -- but I understand that the cost would be hard to accept.

But, but, but.

That's why you build a farm system.

His salary is reasonable for the talent. He is a great player, and I'm not convinced that many fans on the East Coast fully appreciate that.

The injury aspect is a big deal. I get that and can't really argue it. Except that . . . provided my medical team approved . . . I'd take the risk. With Tulo, he'd instantly become the best player on the team.

What I question is: 1) Would the Rockies deal him? 2) Do the Wilpons really want to be great? and 3) Does Sandy have it in his belief system to make that kind of deal?

In all three cases, I don't think so.

James Preller

Anonymous said...

Also, if Syndergaard is on his way to TJ surgery -- the forearm soreness is a telling precursor -- then SA no longer has the chip he needs.

If Noah is out for a year-plus, they really can't trade away Matz.

James Preller

Steve from Norfolk said...


Yes, he does, but he won't be back till sometime around the ASB next year. We might have to throw in another player, maybe Colon, but Wheeler night be a substitute for Thor. If they diagnose Thor with a grade I strain now, or soon, they should be able to heal it with rest and rehab. Then comes the real job - finding out what in his motion is aggravating it.

Steve from Norfolk said...


Even if he has to change positions, I'd still get him for the bat. We still don't have an elite bat, and I never saw a team where one could make as much difference as our Metsies.

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