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Tom (Phoenix)

"Conforto should be in AA, not low-A. No one should send a first-round college product to low-A in his first full pro season."Why?
  (5:02 PM)

Because it's a step down from the competition he faced in college.


Mack - I respect Keith Law. I really do.

I know he has been harsh about the Mets in the past, but he's one of the top baseball 'heads' in the business.

He's a wise ass, but that's his personality and has nothing to do with his knowledge of the game.

Michael Conforto played three years of college ball and this is his second professional season after hitting .331 in rookie ball Brooklyn.

First... he NEVER should have played rookie ball and should have started last year, at worst, in Savannah. I would have played him in St. Lucie because he was tagged as the top college hitter in the draft and he was already 21 years old.

So, I agree with Mr. Law that the Mets are far too conservative here. Conforto should be starting this season in the same outfield as Brandon Nimmo.


Steve from Norfolk said...
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Steve from Norfolk said...

If I remember right, D1 college ball is supposed to be roughly equivalent to AA ball. So, we sent him back to high-school last year, and now he gets to play freshman ball again. He should be in AA now, with an eye to getting him to AAA by the All-Star break and Queens by next Opening Day, assuming he performs up to par at each level.

Rushing him? Maybe. But, he's supposed to be an elite hitter. Bryce Harper was in the majors after 1 year in the minors, at the age of 19. Conforto is 22, with 3 years of college ball behind him. He's ready. Let him rise to whatever his talent and work ethic will let him.

Thomas Brennan said...

If he kills it for a month, I'd send Conforto to Bingo.

Adam Smith said...

I would think that the plan is to keep him at A+ until the minor league all-star break, then half a season in AA (with perhaps a call-up to the AAA playoffs.) Assuming he handles it all well, that puts him in line to threaten for a roster spot at some point next year. Barring major injury at the big league level, mid-season 2016 is really the earliest they'll want or need him in the show, and, if things go well in Queens, they're likely hoping that all they need him for is a September cup of coffee, with an eye on him breaking camp with them in '17.

With their starting OF locked up through next season, there's no reason to rush the kid. Even if he went AA-AAA successfully this year, there's simply no place to put him. I think they'll feel great about his season if he tears up A+ and AA.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, SA has to manage the pipeline here. Cuddyer is signed for two years; Granderson has three to go. Lagares is locked up.

Forgetting about what's best for Conforto, the idea timetable would be for him to show up mid-to-late 2016, get some time, and take over in 2017.

Could it be faster? Yes, but SA is not looking to create an unnecessary logjam.

James Preller

Charles said...

I think he's on pace for a September call up in '16. Unless Grandy or Cuddyer completly bomb this year, there really isn't a reason to worry about where Conforto is starting. His bat, if potent, will elevate him as quickly as it allows.

Besides, Nimmo is further along despite his slow start and actually should be the first one to get a shot.

eraff said...

the only place/time top 5 prospects get "delayed" is when they are on the cusp of MLB Promotion. Development of Top prospects is always As Fast As Possible---it's more valuable to have a guy Ready---for yourself or for some one else.

They seem to be conservative---but they do not DELAY players

Richard Jones said...

You might be able to argue that his bat belongs in AA.
However his glove hasn't advanced past the little league level yet. The Mets are a NL team. Conforto can't DH. Making an error 1 in 10 chances would be awful for a shortstop. For an outfielder it's beyond awful. Out fielders should have .995 fielding percentages not .905.

Christopher Soto said...


There were 2 reasons the Mets sent Conforto to Brooklyn last season.

1) Conforto was a very late sign into the season. If I'm not mistaken he was the last 1st rounder to sign with his club. By the time Conforto was available to play, the Brooklyn Cyclone club was competing for a playoff spot and needed assistance, whereas, the Savannah club was running away with the division.

2) Conforto's swing is pretty damn near perfect but on inside fastballs, he was "cheating" with his hands, aka, throwing them in front early to get turned around on them. The front office knew this and tasked the Brooklyn staff to make a minor tweak to his swing so that he can "naturally" turn on inside fastballs. This is why you did not see too much power come out of Conforto's bat last season either.

Never forget....Everything has a purpose....

Christopher Soto said...

@Steve from Norfolk

Advanced college bats usually start in A+ as these is generally seen as the college equivalent.

@Richard @Tom @Preller

You are all correct. Conforto will likely spend a month and a half to 2 months in Port St. Lucie before jumping up to AA to finish the season.

However the amount of time he spends in A+ will vary on this next point.

The club will be looking to see if Conforto can sustain the minor adjustment job they worked on last season while still producing excellent power. As soon as he displays this dual combination....whether is 2 months, 2 weeks, or a full season....he'll get promoted.

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