Morning Report - Tuesday's Harvey-Costly Win,

Mack - Last night was so exciting, but the end result could put quite the skids on was beginning to be an exciting run for the playoffs.

Oh, it wasn’t the fact that P Matt Harvey was showing his human side… it was that two of the aging Mets veterans that represent a high percentage of the projected 2015 offense could be on the shelf for an extended amount of time.

OF-1B Michael Cuddyer had a baseball thrown off his wrist and, though the xrays turned out negative, the grip on the bat will still have its limitations over the next 3-5 weeks.

Worse than that, team Captain, 3B David Wright slid hammy first into second base and we all know how long one of them take to mend, even on a young guy (which right isn’t anymore).

Add these injuries to the mash unit out in the pen and it’s getting tougher every night to field a competitive team to get to the playoffs.

For now, Vic Black and Bobby Parnell rehabbed last night in St. Lucie, and, with a little luck, will be back in the lineup latest May 1st.

Right now, I can’t say the same for either Wright or Cuddyer. The smart thing would be to place Wright on the DL and call up Eric Campbell. He, Daniel Murphy, and Wilmer Flores can rotate third base.

As for Cuddyer, I’d wrap the wrist and observe/work on it for around a week before testing it in the batting cage. If that doesn’t work, commit more to the Nieuwenhuis/Mayberry platoon, place Cuddyer on the DL and (in my case) call up Alex Castellanos until things calm down.


Thomas Brennan said...

Wright is stupid. There, I said it. He is getting older, and he should keep the speed weapon in reserve and not steal bases. He is getting injured and it is costing this team far too much.

No dives at 3B, because you'll do it 9 times fine, and the 10th, you'll mess up your shoulder. is this the first hammy injury? No.

David, stop being stupid. We need you to play 150 games. You're being reckless, like a speeder who does not get caught for a while - the law of averages catches up, and you get a big ticket.

YOU, David, are the one who was pissed because of Mejia letting the team down. You just let us down. Again.

You're great - just stop being stupid. It is time, as a parent might say, to start acting your age.

I agree, Mack, on your two call ups. If Cuddyer can't grip a bat today, DL him and recall Castellanos. If not, send down a reliever. We do not need a 4 man bench where one cannot play.

Campbell, folks, is tearing it up the first 6 games in AAA - maybe he does all right as Wright's replacement for 2 weeks - or a month as Mr Wright rehabs.

You've been absent from school too much, Mr Wright, we'll have to leave you back.

Do you really want to win a pennant - or just play with reckless abandon and health be damned? I hope you read this David, because we want you to make the playoffs.

Ernest Dove said...

My memory is poor these days but didn't David once before suffer an injury after a hot (I think at that time almost MVPish)start a few years ago?
I don't recall him repeating that April at all the rest of the season when he got back.
We were already worried about this offense scoring enough no matter the pitching. Now what?
Is Tejada now the starting 2B with Murph at 3rd?
Do Mets instead simply put Campbell at 3rd instead? Does he bat 2nd?
Im too tired to be sad. We need Niese to shut down this lefty filled offense completely tonight and worry about another night.

IBfromWhitePlains said...

Much as it pains me, Tejada has to play every day with Wright out. Otherwise, you've got 3 subpar infielders on the field.

Campbell is shaky. Flores is a mess. Murph is Murph. Worrisome.

Thomas Brennan said...

IB - I'd try to ride the hot Campbell bat, he was hitting .550 with 4 extra base hits. Hope for the best on defense. I agree, Campbell, Flores, Murph is scary defensively.

Tejada should get some games around IF, but remove Cuddyer and Wright and insert Tejada and Kirk and you have an offensive meltdown.

Dallas said...

Campbell really was a mess at 3b last year. He really isnt more than a substitute there. They have to bring up a 2nd baseman and put Murph at 3rd if this is going to be longer term.

Reese Kaplan said...

It's all about the Benjamins. Campbell is on the 40 man roster. Others like Muno, Reynolds and Castellanos are not. More dire moves would have to be made to free a spot, though the last I checked they still had Edgin on the 15 day DL instead of the 60 (which would open up a spot).

Steve from Norfolk said...

I agree with you, Dallas. So what do they do? They bring up Soup to sit on the bench while Tejada gets to start, probably at 2B while Murph goes to 3B. You're right about Campbell's ability at 3B. Murph needs to take over at 3B. But I'll bet TC goes conservative on us and gives us Soup at 3B while Murph stays at 2B.

Thomas Brennan said...

If Soup weren't red hot, I'd agree Tejada ought to get the nod - but Campbell got on base 15 times in 5 games (plus 1 at bat in game 6 before given his plane ticket) with 5 extra base hits, so I'd try to ride the hot hand.

And pray on ground balls.

Mack Ade said...

I'm sorry about the length of the morning report.

I posted this last night to be part of Chris's report, but we must have got our communication crossed.

My apologies.

Mack Ade said...

Tom - I happen to agree with you.

Wright was stupid, but you get caught up in the moment of the game and this game was all about beating your own chest.

The problem now is this team doesn't have the talent depth to survive multiple injuries like these.

Eric Campbell playing third is not your answer here.

You start with defensive strength, thus, Murphy returns to his natural position and Flroes moves over to second with Tejada playing short

Sorry, but that's the best this team can do.

Dallas said...

Not going to see that configuration Mack:

Adam Rubin @AdamRubinESPN · 7m 7 minutes ago
When they were discussing if Murphy would open the year on DL, Terry Collins ruled out Wilmer Flores at 2B. They're dead set on him at SS.

Thomas Brennan said...

You're probably right on Murphy, Flores, Tejada, Mack. I'm wrong. Although I bet Eric gets some games.

To avoid getting sucked into the excitement of the moment, and I understand Wright could have just as easily stolen 2nd and not gotten hurt, but he did get hurt - to avoid that instinct taking over, you have to mentally prepare yourself over a long period to NOT be tempted to dive or steal except in rare situations - because you know (if you're Wright) you've had an increasing track record of injury as you age, and the team can't afford to have you miss extended time with injury.

He's still diving for balls at 3B - he should stop immediately, unless a game is on the line. High risk to his shoulder. Also, stop stealing unless absolutely necessary. I want to see him play 150 games...but he is more fragile than he'll admit to himself. He needs to see it for what it is, or he'll play just 120 (some hurt) every year.

I'll give you one comparison: Jose Reyes. He had several leg injuries. In 2007, he was up about 750 times, and tried to steal 99 times. Wear and tear.

In 2013-15, after all the injuries, he still steals, but he's smart and does so far less: 1100 at bats, 46 of 54 steals, a great ratio but 60% less tries.

Speed is a huge part of his game, so he can't shut it off altogether, but he is much more cautious. Wright has to be much more cautious. We need his bat, his D, and his max # of games played.

Stealing and diving are his enemies. Continuing to do it, and not change now, and he is as culpable as Mejia.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Thomas but are you really saying Wright is selfish for trying to put his team in a better situation to score the run? I couldn't disagree anymore. You're acting as if Wright should be placed in a bubble. It's baseball, stealing and diving are important parts of the game. By saying Wright should eliminate both from his game completely is honestly kinda asinine. I understand you're trying to maintain Wright's health through the season but he's only hurting the team from withholding these aspects of his game in an attempt not to get hurt on just one steal/dive. The steal isn't what hurt him, the awkward landing is what did it, it's bad luck, it happens. Should Harvey stop throwing a slider because that's a major reason for his TJ? Is he selfish for throwing one of his better pitches?

Dallas said...

I have to agree with anonymous. Part of Wrights value is his speed and his defense. Sliding differently to is one thing, not stealing bases is different. If it were a game out of hand sure, but look how close it ended up being. He is the captain and showing the others how to play the game. Calling him stupid is stupid.

Thomas Brennan said...

I don't think Wright is selfish at all. He is more team-first than almost anyone. But you've got to realize as you get older there are certain high risk actions. Stealing is one. All-out-dives for grounders is another. I think seeing yourself on DL that often, and the drastic negative impact that has on this team, causes one to think how he can maximize his value to the team. I can throw 100 MPH, but if I do, I really risk Tommy John - can I throw 95 and mix it up and reduce stress and likelihood of injury? I'd rather David play the dives and steals safe, and "live to play another day" 100% healthy. 95% of full-out Wright is far better than 100%, but you miss 40 games.

If I were Wright, and I wanted to win as badly as I know he does, I'd see that parts of my game might maximize winning a single game if I go all out, diving/stealing, but not doing that might end up having the team win more in the long run - because I didn't miss those 20 or 40 games. The natural impulse is to go all out - but the injuries go with it.

These guys are only as good as their health.

Thomas Brennan said...

I'll add a few more things. Wright was awesome his first 4 full years. 159 games. Indestructible.

Last 6, 134 games per year.

Some really good years, some mediocre. Mediocre due to injuries.

Some injuries unavoidable - you get beaned, what can you do? But diving and sliding all out WILL lead to injuries sooner or later that 1) cause you to miss a lot of games and 2) be less awesome in the games you DO play, because you're not 100%.

So - do you pedal to the metal all the time and get hurt more, or think of ways to avoid injuries? Cuddyer last nite - nothing you can do. Wright? Sure, as a fan, you want him to steal...but look at how many times Reyes hurt his hammys and missed lots of time. Some stuff is higher risk. Minimize that and increase your chances of not being hurt, and playing 100% when you do because you're not toughing thru an avoidable injury.

Wright in the last 6 years should have played less. He played poorly at times while hurt, to lead the team. Better to avoid injuries by not overtaxing your body.

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