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M.H (Rochester, NY): Is it too early to be concerned about Mets Dominic Smith or is he a case of a 19 year-old pressing in the pitcher-friendly Florida State League?
Ben Badler: Very troubling. I liked Smith coming out of the draft, but when the lack of game power and general offensive production from a first baseman is that glaring, that's a huge red flag.

Mack – There obviously is something wrong here, but there is no rush. Lucas Duda is looking more everyday as a possible perennial all-star at first base.
The good news is both Smith’s age and the fact that no one on the Sand Gnats roster (Jon Leroux (.197), Pedro Perez (.177) will push him next spring. I would take the pressure off the kid and split his time with Matt Oberste. Then, keep working with him in summer ball and then bring him back to St. Lucie next spring as a 20-year old.

Sholom (Smithtown, New York): Are the Mets scouting or even trying to sign any of the players leaving Cuba?

Ben Badler: Every time I see the Cuban national team or go to a Cuban showcase, they always have scouts there. Their ownership is not going to allow the Mets to be competitive for top-end players.

Mack – It’s amazing that the Mets just eliminate this portion of signing the possibility of a ballplayer that could solve their power woes, sometimes immediately.

Question: If a Cuban star is in his mid-20s and can step in to the majors right away, what makes this any different than signing a free agent out of the United States?

I just don’t understand how the Wilpons think sometimes.


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