BP - Michael Conforto


Born: 03/01/1993 (Age: 22)
Bats: LeftThrows: Right
Height: 6' 1"Weight: 211
Primary Position: LF
Secondary Position:
Thick build, maxed out physically; good weight presently, but body could become an issue as he ages; carries weight well, very strong.
EvaluatorJeff Moore
Report Date05/06/2015
Dates Seen4/27/15, 5/4/15, spring training
AffiliateSt. Lucie Mets (High-A, Mets)
MLB ETARisk FactorOFPRealistic RoleVideo
2016Low5550, major-league regularNo
ToolFuture GradeReport
Hit55Quiet stance; above-average bat speed, slight natural upper cut; attacks the ball with authority, looks to drive the ball; run-producer mentality; generally patient approach at the plate, but aggressive in run-producing situations, adjusts approach to situation, shows a plan and feel for game; looks comfortable against left-handed pitching, pulls off slightly against lefties, leaving the outer half exposed, but shouldn't have a major platoon split.
Power55Strong frame and good bat speed make for above-average power potential; swing path leads to good loft on ball and carry, generates back spin; will drive ball to all fields, power potential not limited to pull side; looks to drive the ball, especially in hitter's counts.
Baserunning/Speed40More athletic than his body type would suggest, gets to top speed efficiently but overall straight-line speed is limited. 4.3 to first base.
Glove50Range limited because of speed, but gets good jumps and covers ground well; tracks the ball naturally; goes to the ground well.
Arm40Left-field only arm, quick release but below-average strength.

Conforto is an advanced bat who is already close to being a finished product. He understands his role in a lineup and looks to drive the ball. Doing so doesn't require him to over-swing, using his strength and frame to remain under control and manipulate the barrel within the strike zone. He can get beat inside with premium velocity, but it's not a significant issue. He also has some comfort issues with left-handed pitching, but no more than are typical for most left-handed hitters and not enough to force a platoon.

The player doesn't offer much value with his glove or legs, putting the pressure on his bat to carry the load. He's not a bad defender, but the lack of foot speed and arm strength limit him to left field, where he will be adequate at present, but below-average as he ages. Conforto doesn't have any elite tools, but the combination of his strength and hitting talent make for a potential everyday bat in a corner outfield position.

Mack - I think it is important for all of you to read what the so-called experts say about 'our' prospects.



Ernest Dove said...

Whenever I read this stuff I wonder about what their thoughts were on guys like Harvey, deGrom, Lagares, etc.

D Whit said...

I think that if Cuddyer goes down for any length of time later this season you will see Conforto called up, depending on where the Mets would be at that point.

Mack Ade said...

This guy needs to play, and be successful in, some AA ball before anyone would consider him to go stright from St. Lucie to Queens.

I like the guy but he's no Bryce Harper.

Anonymous said...

I like him too. Nice to have a bat in the system. He had a lot of errors last year, which is not an easy thing to do when you are an outfielder with no range. The report here rates the defense as average, bu I'm thinking it's worse than that.

I have long worried that the organization's singular focus on plate discipline as effected their scouting and drafting departments to the point where they sort of miss the pure athletes. Guys who can run and jump and play defense. The raw specimens. Conforto is another example of a club that doesn't seem to value defense. That said, I think the bat plays.

James Preller

Mack Ade said...

James -

Sandy might have been influenced here by all the negative chatter at that time regarding no power bats in the system.

Glad you're still a reader and contributor to the site.

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