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Comment From WLX - if you had to pick between Matz or Syndergaard, whom would you choose?

Dave Cameron: Syndergaard, easily.

Mack – Syndergaard always seems to get the votes from the scouts and beat press, mainly based on his raw talent potentional.

Matz is more of a ‘local kid does good’ story after two tough years on the disabled list.

Strangely, it’s Matz who settled down first this season in Vegas and, in my opinion, seems more ready for a promotion than Thor. I’ve never seen Syndergaard pitch but I can speak for Matz. There’s very little that rattles him at this point in his carrer.


I think the Mets would pick Syndergaard also, but for psychological reasons. He’s always been thought of, both internally and within baseball’s scouting circles, the top pitching prospect on the team. Any decision to promote Matz first would play havoc on Syndergaard’s head.

Comment From TKDC - What team is least likely to make the playoffs in 2016? 2017?

Dave Cameron: Phillies. Phillies.

Mack – It’s easy to agree with Cameron on this one, but the important thing is to not lose any baseball games this season to this team.

Also, any win by the Phillies against either Atlanta, Washington, or Miami would just make the job of making the playoffs so much easier this season.

You simply can’t lose to this team.


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