FLASH: Mets Complete Trade for Oakland A's RP Tyler Clippard


The deal has been made official. The Mets will send SP prospect Casey Meisner to Oakland in exchange for RHRP Tyler Clippard.


According to multiple sources, the Mets and the Athletics are close to a potential deal that would sent right handed RP Tyler Clippard to Flushing. 

In 38.2 IP this season, Clippard has held opponents to a .175 average resulting in a 2.79 ERA and 17 saves for the last place A's. he is particularly difficult against left handed hitters. During 2015, lefties are only 7 for 70 with a 21% K rate against Clippard.

According to Joel Sherman, the Mets would be parting with a minor league SP prospect in exchange. It is believed that the Mets could also be interested in OF Josh Reddick as well but currently he is not rumored to be part of this deal.


  • According to sources, the Mets primary competition for Clippard is the Washington Nationals. The club not only sees him as a strong playoff piece, but also as a large late inning threat should the Mets get their hands on him.
  • According to Jon Heyman, the New York Yankees were also in on Tyler Clippard but have since bailed out.
  • General chatter on A's blogger Jason Wojciechowski Twitter handle suggest that the Oakland A's could be interested in SP Robert Gsellman. Gsellman is currently listed as Binghamton's starter this Wednesday. We will keep an eye on the situation.
  • According to multiple sources, the Oakland A's want to trade Clippard no later than TONIGHT. A's and Mets are still in talks over finalizing a potential deal but the Nationals remain in play.


Michael S. said...

Report I read had potentials as Montero or even Mejia. This would be another win for Sandy.

LukasKubicek said...

I don't think that's a win necessarily. And I don't think we need bullpen help necessarily, either. Don't go deal-crazy.

Christopher Soto said...


Why don't you think we need bullpen help?

Mejia is not eligible for the playoffs due to his suspension and Parnell's stuff is still recovering from Tommy John. The is without a guy who can dominate lefties right now and Clippard fits that role perfectly.

Robb said...

This is a nice addition if it happens, but it 100% depends on the prospect going back as to whether or not its a good or even necessary deal. If its a AAA or single A arm great, double AA not so sure. Fulmer or Montero this is awful

Christopher Soto said...


I agree on Fulmer being too much....but I'm alright with giving Montero.

He's been hurt and his preliminary showings in the MLB weren't great. From way back in 2013 we always said his ceiling was no higher than a #3 SP....more likely to settle as a #4.

There's no place for such a "low" ceiling on the Mets current Staff.

And it is clear as day that he is not a fit for the bullpen.

Robb said...

@chris Montero could be moved to the pen or slotted in for the 3 months next year before wheeler would be back, but its more about control if clippard was more then a rental id be more inclined.

I think montero becomes your yo yo man next year even in august, can take 2 innings in the pen or spot start until next year.

I still think they are trading niese this off season, so theres aneed for a #3 guy.

LukasKubicek said...

C. Soto,

Everything you said about Montero is true. It doesn't mean you can't trade him for a more pressing need. Plus I like having him as depth.

Personally I think people are overreacting to Parnell's meltdown in Wash. And I happen to be someone whose main concern is getting to playoffs—and I feel like Mejia can help you do that as well as Clippard can. Also his contract is up at the end of this Clippard-led playoff run. So next year you'll have neither. So who's your 8th inning guy in 2016?

But Clippard's numbers against lefties are ridiculously good. I didn't realize that. Plus if Washington's interested, that increases the incentive to get him too.

Mack Ade said...

Lukas -

Mejia will not be a FA until 2019

LukasKubicek said...

Mack Ade,

Thank you, I know. My point exactly.

James Preller said...

I would love for the Mets land Clippard. Terrific pitcher, battle tested. Great time to fortify the pen, and I think there's a clear need.

Let's see what he costs.

If I had to decide between Gomez or Clippard, in terms of giving up chips, I guess I'd still prefer to go with Gomez. Doing both would take a lot of chips, plus some real Wilpon money.

Interesting times!

Christopher Soto said...


I honestly don't think Clippard's cost can be that high....there are more higher quality closers on the market right now in Kimbrel, Chapman, and Papelbon that teams are focusing in on.

James Preller said...

Christopher, good point, and I hope you are right.

Billy Beane scares me.

Sandy has strengths and weaknesses, as we all know. But in this situation, I think he can work this market effectively. Mets have a number of options, directions they can go.

Will be curious to see where the Nationals land in all of this. They are feeling the heat and are not averse to making the big move. Could see them go hard after Kimbrel.

Christopher Soto said...


Nationals have already enquired on Kimbrel. San Diego told them they wanted Trea Turner back in exchange.

Nationals hung up the phone..... lol.

James Preller said...

It's interesting how much depends on A.J. Preller and the Padres. He's asking high prices for a number of guys. Who is going to blink?

This feels like it's going down to the deadline.

So much fun for the Mets to be in the thick of things for a change.

Christopher Soto said...


In my opinion....Preller would be the one to blink. He has to get a trade for Upton done before 7/31 because there is no way in hell that Upton clears waivers in August.

Kevin S said...

I don't see Montero, Fulmer, Gsellman or Meisner as options for a 2 month rental. Clippard is also making a decent amount of $ so the type of prospect included will depend on the cash. I could see them dealing Marcos Molina if Oakland picked up a majority of the remaining salary. Otherwise maybe Luis Cessa or one of the many other next level arms.

Christopher Soto said...

@Kevin S.

I'm curious about your valuations the guys listed.

Your saying Meisner, Montero, and Gsellman have higher ceilings than Molina?

I would highly disagree with that even with Molina getting Tommy John.

Ernest Dove said...

Well either way we are looking at our Mets acquiring another MAJOR LEAGUE player in exchange for a MINOR LEAGUE player. I like it. And it won't be a stud prospect.

Gary Seagren said...

I like Clippard and another solid BP pickup and I'm confident Sandy will hold out for the best deal. Although he drives us crazy waiting, waiting and waiting some more he just did it again with his latest deal. Do we offer him arbitration this winter to get another pick? Also PLEASE SAY NO TO UPTON!

Hobie said...

I have always liked Clippard and if he could be acquired for a package not expected to play a role in Queens in 2016, fine, get him.

But if the whole point is in reaction to a bad 1/3 inning by Parnell (who's velo has been moving up every outing) or the unavailability of Mejia in the play-offs, he's not worth a Mejia or Montero who will be needed in 2016.

Michael S. said...

Fulmer and Molina should not be in this discussion. The others are more expendable in a deal like this. We'll get a Whalen/Gant/Gsellman every draft. Montero might sting to some but I was never that high on him.

Adam Smith said...

I have a feeling that Beane is going to want Ynoa.

Ernest Dove said...

Fulmer should definitely be off the table. And Mets might need Molina down the road because, to be honest, I think we all know the Mets will not be keeping all four studs for the next 7-10 years, so if Molina gets better mechanics maybe he can resurface in like 3 years and get prepared to take somebody place. Mets gotta be hoping that at least one of Molina, Fulmer or Meisner can take somebody place eventually.

bob gregory said...

Another nice piece.
Even though Meissner may have value, again he's another player that most likely would never have as much value on the Mets as Clipped could have this season.

Ok, so Alderson has improved the foundation in the bench and bullpen.
Since all of these acquired players leave after this season, it makes aiming for the playoffs this season even more important.
In my opinion these moves make improving the lineup with 1 or 2 higher quality bats even more important.
I look forward to see if Alderson will finish his about-face in improving the lineup or leave things incomplete.

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

Wait... Bob... did you almost say something nice about SA? :)

Mack Ade said...

To all:

I really like Meisner, but he's at best 2.5 years away.

Clippard is an established successful MAJOR LEAGUE reliever that can get this team to the playoffs this year.

Frankly, I hope TC makes him the closer and moves Familia to 8th inning and Mejia to 7th.

Could have quite the talented playoff bullpen especially if a healthy and rehab successful Black comes back.

Michael S. said...

I agree Mack. I'd rather not have lost Meisner here but you have to give to get. Maybe we can keep Clippard if he does well. He's not a young gun but he's not ancient either.

bob gregory said...

I'm saving it. Holding it in reserve.
Waiting to see if he fully commits.
If he commits..... I will with well deserved praise.

Stephen Guilbert said...

1.) Meisner is an overpay regardless of how long you think he would be "ready". As Keith Law said, just because you have an excess does not mean you should give it away at ten cents on the dollars.

2.) In no universe should Tyler Clippard close over Jeurys Familia. I have no idea why people are saying that.

eraff said...

OK....I'm In!!!! Losing Meisner is Painful, but that's what TRADES are about! SA has finally acted on his On Field Team---- I don't believe you can minimize the impact.

He has moved beyond his focus on "Winning Trades" to focus on the present team WINNING. Tahnks SA!!!...it's time!!!!

All of the guys they've given up are from a position of Depth---generally, most of the impact of the guys traded would have been in '17 and '18.... so he has not caused a Major Dispruption to his talent flow.

Interesting...d'Arnaud back in a week or so. Team still needs a RH OF Bat... best case scenario.

Stubby said...

Steve, there are, IMHO, MANY universes in which I would prefer Clippard closing ahead of Familia. Probably MOST universes. Clippard is what you could call an "established major league closer" even if there are only a few times he's held that position in the majors. But, me, personally...not the universe we are currently in. I think Tyler is more valuable to this team as a specialty reliever at this point and I still see Familia as our long term closer, now. But it's a nice problem to have, doncha think? And I do not think Meisner is that much of an overpay. If Tyler is good for an extra two or three wins from here on out, that might be the difference between post-season ball and another "wait'll next year". I'd give Meisner for that.

Stephen Guilbert said...

There are only a handful or relievers that are worth two or three wins over the course of an entire *season* and Clippard is not one of them.

Clippard is certainly an established reliever, you're right, but of every pitcher to take the mound for the Mets, he will rank second worst in xFIP, a metric that measures your defense-adjusted and park-adjusted earned run average. Essentially, ERA without the "luck" factor ERA has.

The only player he is better than? Akeel Morris--who pitched two thirds of an inning and gave up five runs.

Clippard has not been a very good pitcher this year. His walks are up, his strikeouts are down and his "luck" numbers (BABIP, LOB%, HR/FB%) say he's been EXTREMELY lucky. I would trade for Clippard, absolutely. More so the Nats wouldn't get him than what he actually does for our bullpen but he does have value. However, not Casey Meisner value. Meisner is a top 10 prospect in our system. That's a big big price tag for 20 IP of a RP who has not had a good 2015.

bob gregory said...

I wonder.....
Could Alderson's search for a bat be a series of stacked up options right now, waiting on Tulo?
Odds are, some of the prospects it would take to acquire Tulo, Gomez, and Upton are the same.
Could he already have a match that he feels he can make to pull off a trade for Gomez or Upton?
Could he just be waiting to and trying to snag his #1 target in Tulo?
All while having something in Gomez or Upton that is his fall back option?

Side question: if Alderson does finish building this lineup, does he have to consider acquiring a starting pitcher because of the young pitchers inning limits?

Stubby said...

Just can't make you guys happy, no matter what Sandy does. If he doesn't make the trade, you crucify him for not making the trade. If he does make it, you crucify him for giving up too much. These are the kinds of trades contending teams make. Meisner is a Single-A pitcher. Maybe he pans out big, down the road. But that's a big maybe because Single-A is a long, long way from the major leagues. Maybe he pans out big...maybe his arm falls off. You don't know. And I don't know how you can say relievers don't make a two or three game impact over the course of a full season. Have you watched the Mets bullpen over the years? Relievers are huge in the modern game. Huge. Every little bit the Mets get better for this year--when we KNOW we are right there--is worth trading a little organizational depth from a low classification at a particularly deep position (thank you, Sandy). I make that deal all week and twice on Sundays. Yeah, it could backfire. So could trading for Tulo or any of the other bats frequently mentioned. But, when you're where the Mets are today, you make those deals because nobody knows for sure where we'll be next year at this time, let alone three years from now. Mind you, I still oppose emptying the entire store as Omar did. But Sandy hasn't done that. We have the pitching depth to do this deal. So you do it.

Steve from Norfolk said...

@James Preller

Remember who originally hired Billy Beane after Billy decided he wasn't a player(he was the Mets 1st round draft pick in 1980)? Sandy knows Billy very well - he gave him his initial education in how to run a baseball team.

Ernest Dove said...

Id prefer that Mets MVP of the first half remain the closer........
I also on the other hand would like TC to use this opportunity to now not overuse his relievers and stop picking favorites.

Robb said...

This one feels like they overpaid a little. he's no sure thing at all, but it feels like if they didnt need to get money back they could have given up a lot less. then again, two years ago, deGrom would have felt good in this senario given his prspect hype level so you never know. I was sure this would be lugo.

not going to cry, but i think they may have paid too much. Clippard should be a helpful piece.

Mack Ade said...

Robb -

One last thing on Meisner.

Yes, he is talented but he never was projected to be a front of the rotation starter. He's talented but he's no Matz/Wheeler/Thor/deGrom/Harvey

On that note, a good day to be a Mets fan.

Night everybody.


eraff said...

Forward Moves?... still threading a needle on this year, but he's setting this team up to run and fight. That's a good thing going forward...some luck...some dropped hits... I like the whole thing!!!

Anonymous said...

The trade makes the Mets a better team now. That is a no brainer. The question is does it make them better enough to justify the cost of Meisner.
I feel that if I just look at the tangibles it does not. I don't think Clippard puts the Mets over the top, as a World Series favorite. I do think the trade is a good one when I look at the intangibles. The Parnell blow up would have been a much different game had the Mets had Clippard. There have been at least a 1/2 dozen games in which a good setup man could have been a factor and the results changed from an L to a W. Even if Clippard just helps the Mets win a wildcard spot and they don't go any further the Mets gain a level of respect they haven't had for years. Maybe they wont have to over pay to get a decent free agent to sign with the Mets.
I hate losing Meisner. I have to disagree with Mack. I think he does have a chance to be a front of the rotation pitcher. Two years ago I said deGrom didn't have a chance to be a front of the rotation pitcher and I think many of the regulars here would have agreed. I wouldn't make an even bet that Meisner does become that type of pitcher but I wouldn't be totally surprised if he does. If you have 10 Meisner's in your system. 3 never pan out. 3 make it has middle relievers or back of the rotation starters. 3 make it as mid rotation starters. 1 will put it all together.
The 1/10 chance is not worth holding onto him when you can help your team now. Add respect which could help later.
Richard Jones

Thomas Brennan said...

Ya Gotta Believe

Anonymous said...

This was a very tough trade, the toughest in all of baseball to make: when your team is in a win-now situation. I like Clippard a lot, but I also recognize that he's been having an off season. I'm concerned that TC will use him as a LOOGY -- only .100 BA against LH batters -- but the walk ratio suggests that some outing will be Torres-like.

Overall, no question, he helps the NY Mets pen, and I think that SA was astute in recognizing that this young, inexperienced group needed the support.

As for Meisner, that was a heavy price. Beane did extremely well here. This guy profiles to be a solid #3 starter, emerging at a time when the Mets will be looking for the next wave.

Tough, tough trade to make. A huge chip surrendered. But ultimately I am glad that the club is looking to win the division. It won't be easy. Even "Game 163" will be no picnic, with the Mets behind the Giants and the Cubs.

This strikes at the essence of our SA discussions. He's been praised for his trades in the past, and I've always stated that it's easy when you are not concerned with winning in the short-term. The Mets just made the Marlon Byrd trade in reverse. That's how baseball works. This is real world stuff. If you want a chance to win now, you've got to pay the piper. I think Meisner could be a real loss to the organization. The key is that you hope the Mets scouts and evaluators identified a few folks that they would not surrender for a rental. I would have thought Meisner was one of those guys. Oh well.

I wonder if this signals the end of Carlos Gomez pursuit.

James Preller

Thomas Brennan said...

The Mets Minors still has significant minors pitching depth after moving these 3 guys, as I note in my 10AM article today.

S. Finch said...

"Clippard has not been a very good pitcher this year...I would trade for Clippard, absolutely. More so the Nats wouldn't get him"

Huh????? So he's not very good, but good enough to get so the nats don't get him? Where he is ranked in our system means nothing. Our system is not all that strong after all of the graduations. Certainly no longer a top 10. Not every trade is about winning the individual trade. Meisner is expendable, simple as that.

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