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Draftpot All Stars

Players to look out for Saturday Night’s (5/2) Draftpot games.

By Boaz Dolny-Lipsy

As we know, Draftpot games are all about matchups. You can pick the best players in fan mode, and even that will far from guarantee you the win. You need to be different to win big pools. You need to have an edge. Well, here’s your edge. I’m going to go over players who historically have performed well against the starters they’re facing, are currently on hot streaks, and are just overall good plays. And of course, there will always be an extra section for our Metsies.

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Without further ado, lets begin.

Jose Altuve - Alutve is hot (period). Just red hot. Altuve has started the year hitting .376 and is leading the Major’s with 9 stolen bases. While I normally wouldn’t advise selecting contact hitters as the reward for extra base hits is much greater, I will put my stamp of approval on Altuve as he own a .500 career batting average against SP Taijuan Walker (10 Abs). Altuve is currently the highest DPG second basemen at 3.47 so I only recommend him to those playing in Fan Mode leagues.

Matt Kemp and Jedd Gyorko - Gyorko has hit .667 in his career against leader of the “He’s still playing?” club SP Jorge De La Rosa. The bad news? Gyorko is hitting almost 100 points under the mendoza line and is playing in Petco Park. I regret that I suggested him. Don’t start him.

Kemp on the other hand has hit a steady .286 with 1 HR, and 7 RBIs in 21 career ab’s against De La Rosa. If they were playing at Coors, I’d make him a must start. At Petco, he’s not a sexy pick, but not a bad pick considering how hot he’s been. Kemp is currently going for 3.7 DPG on Draftpot.

The entire Washington Nationals Team (sorry Mets fans!) - Unfortunately, six Nationals have a career average of over .300 against SP Jon Niese. Catcher Wilson Ramos and OF Michael Taylor both have a .364 average in 11 ABs and a home run. Danny Espinosa and his mustache have hit .333 in 18 Ab’s - including a home run. Harper has hit .300 in 10 Abs, Escobar .333 in 3 (small sample size alert - I wouldn’t reccomend him), and Uggla .304 in 33. Taylor and Ramos both make great GM mode picks as they both cost under 3 DPG (2.4 and 2.8 respectively). Uggla will likely not start but if he does - I would look to plug him into a Fan Mode lineup. This Nationals team oozes GM Mode potential, and I’d be quick to capitalize, even if I’m a Mets fan.

The Mets!! - Well, tonight isn’t all bad as a few Mets project to have good nights. While Gio is a good pitcher, Murphy and Lagares have absolutely ripped him - hitting .353 and .375 respectively, in over 15 Ab’s for each (Juan also has a dinger against Gio). Both players are undervalued and red hot. Murphy costs 2.5, Lagares 2.4. I’d consider starting these guys in Fan Mode, and are an absolute must start in GM.

Adrian Gonzalez - Don’t start him! While Gonzalez has been off to a great start this year, he has a career .158 average in 19 AB’s against Jeremy Helickson. I’m sure there are better picks for your Fan Mode team and there are certainly better picks for a GM Mode team as Gonzalez costs 3.86 DPG.

As always, good luck it tonight’s Draftpot games, and Let’s Go Mets!


Richard Jones said...

Pick all the Mets.
Pick none of the Nationals.

No one ever wins draft king using a scientific approach. You have to go with your gut.
My gut is saying go with the Mets.
It could be the Pizza I just ate but I'm going with the Mets lineup.

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