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on 5-7-15.

2. Noah Syndergaard, rhp, Mets
Update: Syndergaard put together one of the best starts of his pro career last Saturday, striking out 10 in seven scoreless innings, and followed that up with eight strong innings Thursday, hitting a home run to boot.
Prognosis: As crazy as it may seem, there’s no need for Syndergaard to join the Mets’ rotation just yet. Every member of the Mets’ rotation has been solid this season. That might inflame some fans, but treat this as a bonus. The Rays like to allow their best pitching prospects to ripen with extended stays in Triple-A. By design or good fortune, the Mets are getting to do the same with Syndergaard.

4. Steve Matz, lhp, Mets
Update: Coming on the heels of his career-high 12 strikeouts in his previous start, Matz was solid this week, allowing two runs and nine hits while striking out seven in six innings at Albuquerque.
Prognosis: See the Syndergaard comment. If Matz was pitching for many other teams, he’d be in line to join the big league rotation this month. But New York doesn’t have a need right now and he has to battle Syndergaard for any spot starts that come up.

It's almost laughable to think that baseball pundits write that the Mets have an excess of quality starting pitching.

Forget Matz and Syndergaard. They're going nowhere.

Add Harvey and deGrom to that list.

Past that, any other Mets starter (Colon, Niese, Gee, Wheeler, Montero) is available to be packaged with a player like Daniel Murphy for a quality shortstop on a team that is quickly (and once again) falling out of any chance for achieving a playoff slot in their NL West division.

Yes, you know who I am bringing up again.


Bob Sugar said...


Mets talked trade all winter regarding Niese, Colon, and Gee. Price has gone up in the Mets favor substantially with their performances to date. Niese and Colon in particular. I know teams are kicking themselves for not dealing for one of those two over the winter.

Richard Jones said...

The Giants need what the Mets have to offer but they don't seem to have what the Mets need. I would like Brandon Crawford but the Giants don't have anyone to replace him. Would they create a huge hole to fill one? Third base for the is a much smaller problem then SS would be if they let Crawford go. They have pitching prospects but their not ready yet.
Niese, Tejada, Murphy, and Pill for Crawford and Beede

Christopher Soto said...

Personally, I'm not at all interested in Brandon Crawford.

He's 28, only brings 5-7 HR power, K's at a 20%+ rate, doesn't hit for average (.240-.250), and plays average defense (slightly above average at best)

I don't see how he is a benefit over Flores' offensive potential.

Personally I'd rather have Alexei Ramirez.

He only K's at a 12% rate, has 10-15 HR power with a .270-.280 average, and average defense.

He's only making $10M this season and has a club controlled option for 2016 at the same price.

Acquiring Ramirez fills the SS this year and gives the Mets a bridge to get to Gavin Cecchini in late 2016 or 2017.

Mack Ade said...

No one has more fun coming up with trade possibilities than I do, but, my guess is Sandy's not taking any phone calls right now.

TRades can really screw with team chemistry and it may be that the Mets just got past a rough patch while learning a few things about the depth in their organization.

The Mets have been 'in' every games this year which is always a sign of excellent starters.

I think the current team will be the one we play with this season and the 'new' players that join this team will be the guys from the DL, not another team's roster.

eraff said...

Murph can be packaged ONLY to a team that is IN Contention--- If COLO is out of centention, what the heck would they want to do with Murph???

Murph can be traded For PROSPECTS to a contending team---generally, you're not getting a current rotation player from a contender...it doesn't make sense!---and it may not make sense for the Mets to trade a big league bat who can get good ab's at 4 IF Positions and laft field...YES...LF!!!

Mack Ade said...

eraff -

you're right... I originally was writing this post about trading Murphy to an American League team that is trying to make the playoffs and somehow got distracted and worked my way back to Tulo and Colorado

My bad and nice catch by you

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