Mack’s Morning News – 5-9-15 – Hamstrings and the Immediate Future of Third Base


Good morning.

We discussed, a number of times in the past, the frustrating process of healing a hamstring strain. I bring this back up for those of you that may have joined Mack’s Mets since the frustrating days when we used to bitch and moan that it seemed Carlos Beltran was never going to play another Mets game.

I have strained my hammy a couple of times so I can speak from experience. They heal when they heal. Everybody’s injury has it’s own healing process and there is only so much rehabbing one can do to return to being able to play the game you play at 100%.

It’s not just running. In fact, I found the most frustrating part of my return to playing (then fast pitched softball in the Central Park League) was the ability to plant my weight properly in the batter’s box and shift through a swing.

The most prescribed rehab process is rest, which really is frustrating. You have no pain when you rest and the process just seems like it will take forever.

Regarding David Wright all the Mets can do is go through each step of the rehap process and then see the results of their work while Wright goes through the motions on the field. Any discomfort will put him back on the shelf and no Doctor on this plant can rush the healing process of an injury like this.

The loss of Wright in the Mets very thin offense is devastating, especially since it comes at the same time that another of their key hitters, catcher Travis d’Arnaud, went on the disabled list also. Both will be back, but because of the healing process of both Wright’s and d’Arnaud’s (hand) injury, they really might not play pain and mind free until around the all-start break.

A minute on ‘mind free’.

It takes a while for someone with an injury like these to catch, run, and hit at the level one must put on the field. Sometimes, the last 10% is affected by your mind preventing you to give it that extra needed to be successful. You hold back, afraid to re-injury yourself.

Most injuries have this effect. Look at Daniel Murphy’s lack of offense when he rushed himself back after an injury in spring training. 

No, Murphy at third base and Kevin Plawecki catching will have to do until the Mets get back two of their main offensive pistons.

There’s nothing more any of us can do other than throw up superb starting pitching, quality relievers, timely hitting and errorless fielding. 

You survive this period if you do that.

Is there a silver lining to injuries?

Well, we may never have seen Juan Lagares blossom if it wasn't for a Matt den Dekker trip to the disabled list. 

And we seem to be watching the emergence of Dilson Herrera who would still be in the minors if it wasn't for Wright's injury. 

Would we really know if Kevin Plawecki could hold his own if Travis d'Arnaud's wrist didn't get in the way? 

Lastly, Noah Syndergaard arrives this weekend because of the groin pull to Dillon Gee.

These are four wonderful additions to the 25-man squad, all that wouldn't have happened without injuries.

One last thing...

The delay of David Wright's return is just going to give Dilson Herrera some more time to get comfortable as a major league player. How do you like my number one prospect? I'm telling you... Herrera is a future all star and this could turn out to be the best trade Alderson and Co. ever will make.


Thomas Brennan said...

I just hope the silver lining does not cost them the playoffs. Wright should know all about hammy injuries and do all he can to avoid them in the first place.

Herrera is great.

Thor - saw clips of him hitting - bat him clean up when he gets here - looked like Kris Bryant.

Harvey could not get bunt down after Herrera double. WHY CAN'T ANYONEBUNT ANYMORE?

Ernest Dove said...

Im still kinda hoping that Dickey trade turns out better ;)
TDA (when healthy) is a stud
Thor Day on Tuesday
Some kid named Beccera had a homer/3hit day last night in savannah

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

I said the same thing about bunting last night.

What's the big deal about... oh yeah, that was soft pitch softball I was playing...

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

Interesting that you bring up Becerra.

I believe that was his 4th of the season. The Sally League isn't known for its home run production, especially Grayson Stadium (last night an away game)

His future potential could be based on how many he hits in Savannah. Over 10 would make him the all time Mets Sally leader

Thomas Brennan said...

I'm sure it is hard to hit Homers in Sally League, but half of games on road. I think Dom Smith left the impression last year that is almost impossible. But he is hitting not for St Lucie this year either. I wonder what the Mets record is while in Savannah? Also hard, in that if a guy is bopping, he is apt to get promoted at mid-season.

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